Recycled Ideas

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


When I was a little kid, my brother, our best friend and I fashioned swords out of pieces of wood in the back yard. My brother climbed to the top step of the playhouse/jungle gym, raised his sword in the air and proclaimed “I’m the KING!” our friend claimed his own king name (all in baby talk) and so when I yelled out “King Arthur” it came out more like “King Arfdu!” Fast forward 20 years or so, here I am with an assignment from my band to write a story as the intro to our Rush and Queensryche inspired song “Rushryche”. I know exactly what I want to write! An epic about a Conan-style warrior from another planet. I rack my brain for that hero and my brain spits back out a King from my olden days! King Arfdu!! So King Arfdu resurfaces in this song so elegantly read by Jeff Kirtland and accompanied by Jon James on keyboard. Fast forward to yesterday, when we decided to make a radio trailer for King Arfdu the Movie. I run through my head what this trailer might sound like-so my head comes up with other movies with similar heros! One I think of Beast Master! Remember that movie? With Mark Singer and he could use animals to his advantage (ex. he could see through the hawk’s eyes) So I tried to find the trailer on YouTube when I hear Jon saying he has something for me. I he comes out of his storage room with a full on movie poster from Beast Master 2! Well Charity get’s the bright idea that this needs to be hanging in our office but she doesn’t have her car with her. So they force me to take this stupid poster with me. So that may be why you saw me carrying a Beast MAster poster and a Snoopy Phone to work today. (The Snoopy phone is another story)


What do you think??

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