Hasta Llego Enchilada

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


I think our song Helado Burn is an ethnic tribute to our Mexican brothers and sisters to the south. While none of us are Mexican, we still enjoy the language especially Featuring Enchilada Mackenzie, he is the real voice of this song singing about wanting this woman who gives him ice cream (or something…) Enchilada (aka Nate Ralston) has studied Spanish which has helped him understand Mexican -I know this because I work with him and I went to Mexico with him once and he helped me to order a quesadilla at a taco stand. The other guy in the song is an ignorant yet compassionate Texan who stumbles on the downtrodden Featuring in a Mexican restaurant. Featuring is crying because he was dumped and offered ice cream (I think) The Texan tries to bring himself to common ground with Featuring by speaking as much Spanish as he can but does a terrible job. There is an air of unrealized arrogance as the Texan brings up his favorite food: Cub Cr…Club Crackers with guacamole on them. He wrongly teaches the Mexican that these crackers come from Keebler Elves. The Texan fully believes these elves are real and have a cracker factory in the forest. The other voice belongs to Maria Espinoza-Perez-Juarez who was the one breaking up with poor Featuring Enchilada Mackenzie. This is making me thirsty for a Corona.


What do you think??

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