The Day We Took Over the Radio

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]

The Day We Took Over the Radio

What would it be like if you turned on the radio and every channel was Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle? Creepy, huh! Well, we make dreams come true-even if it is a nightmare!

*In the 1950’s before Charity was a part of JWU, she had a solo career. This song is called “Vitamin B1” from her 1956 album “Mrs. Cleaver’s Tommy Gun”

*In the late 80’s and early 90’s Yosh was involved in a New Age group called Enyanni. This is the song “Watch Yourslef” from 1992’s “At One With the Rocks”

*In 1996 Yosh had started his “alternative/ska/pop” band Smash Face and released “Astro Jacuzzi” in 1998 with the song “Collective Secret” The song was set to be 98’s blockbuster “Can’t Hardly Wait” but the group Smash Mouth was chosen instead.

*The year was 1973, a good ten years before Yosh had a race change operation. Yosh was still black and on tour with Marvin Gaye and Barry Manilow. This song call “Yeah, No” is from 73’s “Sex Band Aid”

*While Yosh was wasting time in Enyanni, AV Bear was already producing Charity’s 80’s pop music. Back then she was known as Venus de Janet Abdule. Her top album of 1986 was “Like a Tramp” and this was it’s number one hit “Patatoe Peeler”

*By 1987 Charity dropped the moniker Venus de blah blah blah…and became a Christian. “Like a Light” was the hit single that dwarfed Amy Grant in 1989″ and flooded Contemporary Christian radio waves for 15 years. The album’s title “Children of Sub-Saharin Asia” was long since forgotten. Like a Light can still be heard daily on K-LUV.

*In the 80’s Yosh had written a novel in his head about a Warrior from another planet named King Arfdu. In 2007 Yosh introduced the story to JWU fans in the intro to their song “Rushryche” In 2007 director Ron Bulushi adapted Yosh’s novel to the big screen in this summer’s blockbuster “King Arfdu: The Movie” This is the radio trailer for the movie.

*1992 brought an abrupt halt to Charity’s Christian music career when she mentioned “ass” in a TV interview. It was later discovered th e word was “Assassin” yet this did nothing to revive her CCM career. Instead she turned to the Nashville Country scene releasing “Night of the Living Barn Dance”. This song from that album is titled “Zombie Tractor”

*Throughout the 90’s it was a little known fact that Charity was galavanting around coffee shops in Organ and Washington singing and reading poetry with Harmommy about their feminst ideals. This song “He Said Sorry One Last Time” was released two months before her country album “Night of the Living Barn Dance”

*1997 brought hard times on Charity as “Night of the Living Barn Dance” sold a mere 3 units. Charity began doing step arobics videos. this was from her video “Burnin’ to the Oldies”

*During her down time in the late nineties, Charity was also working for an ad agency doing voice overs for commercials. This was for Sunshine Travel Agency out of Georgia.

*In 1987 before joining Enyanni, Yosh spent several months in Italy pursuing an Italian girl he referred to as his Meat Ball. He wrote this song to her and released it on a solo CD called “Yosh: In a Gondola on River In Italy Singing to People in Restaraunts as I Pass Quietly By Under the Moonlight”

*In 1983, Yosh became a white German and joined Ich Bein Manner, the beginnings of his German heritage. IBM released a CD called “Mine Hinter Tutve” with this Christmas gem in English called “You Freak, It’s July”

*”Mine Hinter Tutve” contained the hit “Spectromanolizers” which was a huge hit in Germany in 1984.

*In 2000 Yosh started working for an ad agency and did this commercial for KiddieCutlery. The Weapons Store for kids was sued when a 4 year old nicked his pinky with a nail file purchased at the store.

*Later in 2000 Yosh tried a solo career once again this time singing without any aid of the computer. “Freezer Burn” form the album “Who’s That Guy?” was effective in killing all of Yosh’s musical dreams.

*In 2001, full of angst, Yosh started his hard rock/metal band Tamallica. “Good for Nothing” came from their 10th CD that year called “Kill a Few of Them”

*In 2002, frustrated by his drummer’s nose ring, Yosh left Tamallica and started “Type A Positive”, a goth/metal outfit that quickly released it’s first CD in the spring of 2003 called “Bloody Sundae”. The album had a morbid take on desserts as evidenced in the song “Marshmellows are for Ninnies”

*In 2004 after relentless touring with Type A Positive in Europe, Yosh discovered death metal and decided to start a death metal side project called Corpse from the Cradle. It wasn’t long before they had a full length debut titled “In the Moon Shadow of Pine Trees at Night on a dirt Road in the Mountains”. The song “Dinner with Grandma” made many notable death metal compilations including “The Human Bascetti Collective”

*In 2007 after the immensely touted “The Most Awesomest Band” by Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle, the band went back into the studio to begin work on the 3rd album “Hits From the Future” which features this song “Reductio Ad Absurdum” an intelligent argument between a hillbilly girl and her paw.

*Another song from Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle’s 2007 “Hits From the Future” called Hilado Burn featuring Featuring Enchilada Mackenzie. A poor Mexican jumps through hoops for his amore but she throws ice cream on him (I think). He is consoled by an ignorant Texan.

*One of the Feminist recording by Charity & Harmommy in the 90’s called “Men”, will be on the “Hit’s From the Future” album in mid 2007.

There you have it-don’t ask me anymore questions, I’m Listening to the Human League.


2 thoughts on “The Day We Took Over the Radio

  1. You posts are so long! You must have a lot of free time on your hands.

    Ok, you need to advertise this blog. Ya need more readers!


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