Life With A Mohawk

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


Your very own Yosh of Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle decided to quit the band for the weekend to go see some bands in Denver. One of them being major influencial pop-punkers MxPx. Being a concert headed by a punk band, Yosh decided to cut his head into a mohawk. He noticed how, having a mohawk, earrings, and wearing a chain around his neck changed how people act around him. He noticed people stepping out of his way on the sidewalk, he noticed eyes averting, he noticed over-compensation by convenience store clerks going out of their way to not make any trouble. It reminds Yosh of a story called The Color Purple (I think)…or actually The Invisible Man by Ralph Waldo Ellison. Where life can be perceived though the eyes of another race, or in this case, another species, the species of the punk rawker. Yosh noticed how the nice soccer families at his hotel were afraid he would steal their lunch money and push them down on the play ground. So think about this: What if you were born a punk-rawker, forced to live in the punk-rawk lifestyle? Discriminated against by the majority, the “normal” people? Remember to treat all people equally. This is Yosh signing out from a small Comfort Inn in Loisville, Colorado. PS There is no hot tub or pool here 😦


What do you think??

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