Things: What an Ambigous Word

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


Eyes:I can’t see right now no joke. Everything is blurry. I’m not going to tell you why-just leave you curious.
Bands: Everyone I think has a little want to be a rock star. Too bad you can’t be in JWU, huh?
Coffee: I don’t think I’m addicted, but I do think about coffee everyday and something inside of me gets really excited when someone says “Starbucks run!”
Driving: I drive fast. Slow drivers slowly drive me nuts. I wonder when I get old if I will drive slow because it is cool to drive slow when you’re a geezer-or will I continue to be in a rush everywhere I go?
Internet radio: What an amazing time in the history of ..of time that we can listen to ANY genre 24 hours a day for free. As long as you have internet. I’m listening to The Wayne Mills Band right now and I have never even heard of them before. Somewhere Wayne Mills probably writing his country music and has no idea that THE Yosh is listening to his “Crossin’ Dixie” and Yosh rarely listens to country….I like Tumble Town though….
Email: I have had email for probably around 12 years now. My first email was I really wanted pirho but it was taken, then I learned to add numbers, so my second email was I wonder who has it now? I wonder if when I “moved out” the next person benefited from mail that I left in there. Pirho is the greek letters Pi and Rho which together sound like “pyro” which is short for pyromaniac- when I was in highschool, I liked fire and it was cool to be a pyro.
Toys: I had a lot when I was little and can remember when the fun I had with them started to wear off. I had hundreds of hotwheels and matchbox cars. I remember driving them around for hours and making highspeed police chases and car wrecks. I liked Knight Rider a lot in those days and so all my black Trans Ams were KITT.
Jon James: He grew in my town of Craig. We don’t have a lot of Craig pride though… Jon James became the AV Bear in an episode by the same name where Jon Cox and Yosh decided to get his shoulder massaging reaction on video tape. The video was never released because the video camera was faulty BUT there was a scene where Jon Cox said, we are now going to enter the cave of the AV Bear (AV stands for Audio Visual or Acetate Visions-I’m not sure which) and we call him Bear cause he’s a big jovial fellow and his office is always dark, shades drawn, much like a bear cave.


What do you think??

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