Should I Eat THis Day Old Chicken Sandwich?

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]

Somebody gave me a Chik Fil A chicken sandwich yesterday. I was very greatful but I could not eat it. So I stuck it in my desk drawer to save for today. I was told by someone I should not eat it because it will now be full of bacteria. What do you think? Should I eat it? It is still wrapped in its protective foil/paper wrap. I would be surprised if bacteria could climb in through that…it is wrapped fairly tightly with no sandwich showing through anywhere. I also don’t think there’s bacteria in my desk drawer-why would they want to be there? There is nothing in there for them to live on….except maybe some gum. But you can’t survive on gum, I don’t even think it’s digestible. So no bacteria in the desk drawer. So they would have to somehow find out about my sandwich in there and then somehow get in the drawer and then muscle their way into through the wrap. I conclude my sandwich is safe to eat.


One thought on “Should I Eat THis Day Old Chicken Sandwich?

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