Conference of the Birds

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


Three of them are out there on the grass. They are chirping very loudly. One is facing the other two. He will say something and then they will all move swiftly and smoothly on their feet about 5 feet and stop abruptly with more chirping. I don’t know bird lingo; I really wonder what they are saying. I think the first guy is like “Now listen, we all know there are worms out here, but I don’t see any, do you?” And really he’s trying to get the other two to lose hope and leave so he can have all the worms to himself. But the other two are calling ‘BS’. “Frank, you’re full of crap-I SAW a worm like 2 feet behind you,”
“No, no, no,” Frank says as he walks that way to scare the worm back into his hole. “That was a…a..umm….it was hot dog,” he recoiled foolishly.
“A hotdog?!” Pete says looking over at Sam.
“Are you kidding me? A worm is nothing-” Sam was cut off by Frank.
“LOOK! It’s the Byrds in concert!!!” Frank pointed to an imaginary band behind the other two. Pete and Same knew the Byrds weren’t there but looked back to humor Frank. Frank realized he was deep in his lie, but took the opportunity to pluck the worm from the ground and then fly away.
I can still hear them arguing out there.


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