Soul in the Brain

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]

Do you ever think about where your soul actually resides? I think by the process of elimination we know it must sit in our head. I mean, think about it, much like automobiles, all of our parts are interchangeable. Even an organ as important and intricate as the heart can be transplanted! Amazing! But the one accessory that we can’t order from the hospital for replacement is the brain. If you switched someone’s brain, you’d switch them.
Imagine that…let’s say you’re in an accident in which your body was beyond repair while your brain remained unscathed. Meanwhile a patient in another room lies in a coma with a perfectly usable body. Has this ever been tried before??? Isn’t that creepy? They should make a movie about this (or maybe they have…actually…I’m sure there is something like this out there) So you wake up a week later and the first thing you notice is your hands….they’re not yours…. What? what the heck??? You start freaking out as you begin to examine your entire body. You start sweating and your heart is racing as you climb out of the hospital bed and find a mirror. What you see in the mirror sends a shock of horror through your being. Your face doesn’t match the one you have seen in the mirror in all of your memories. Can that really happen?
So I wonder what happens if they plop your brain into an animal…say a golden retriever. Why won’t that work? All the wires don’t pug in and match up I suppose.
What about those “wires”, the nerve attachments…. if we figured that out could we maybe make wireless connections? A brain in a lab somewhere controlling a body downtown. The body wonders into a candy shop where there is a low hanging display for gummy bears. The controlling brain misjudges the body’s height and hit the head on the sign making a very hollow sounding “thump”.
At this point others in the candy shop are on to the fraud. Nobody’s head sounds that hollow. In fact, when they look at the body in the eye they can tell there is no soul. OK I’ll shut up now-this is enough imagery for your week leading up to Halloween 🙂


One thought on “Soul in the Brain

  1. Silly yosh. Everyone knows we live in a virtual world, as a part of one big super computer ran by machines that the human race created that became self aware, and our bodies serve as batteries that heat the earth for the machines because we scorched the sun in the last world war. I thought you knew that…


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