What Do You Think of That??

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


If I knew you, the reader, I would come in when you least expect it and slap you across the face. While you held your cheek, looking at me in bewilderment I would stare at you blankly for 10 seconds and then proceed the rearrange the furniture in your room or office. Right as I was about to leave I’d just say “What do you think about that?”
See, if you could float about 200 ft. in the air and watch life happening, you’d see all these cars driving neatly where the should and parking in spaces aligned for them. You’d see people going where their told and sticking to pre programmed time schedules. BORING!! Where is the creativity??? When I was little I wanted to do things my own way. Not in a rebellious way, I just wanted to have my own slant on everything I did or had or made. Somewhere along the line, boring adults tell you ‘you have to do this or that. You have to do it this way or that’. Without even realizing it we live life in a box! And I’m tired of it.
Things are going to change and Charity is documenting it:
Oh and this explains it without words:


One thought on “What Do You Think of That??

  1. I’m so sick of “thinking outside the box.” I had a friend in high school who was too, so when our photograpy teacher told her to “think outside the box” for her final project, she got a cardboard box and pasted all her photos outside of it and handed it in. He was not impressed.


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