[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


“What is a ‘Round To It’?” he asked scratching the side of his head characteristically. Roy had thick curly black hair and always had a comb or pencil or some object lodged in in it.
“Well it doesn’t matter what I think,” answered Cody. “I know that that no matter what I think, you won’t even begin to use what advice I give you,”
“I’m getting dizzy, can we maybe just…I don’t know, can I pass?” Roy said standing up and walking out the front door.
“Where’s he going?” asked Ashley.
“He does that all the time,” came Charlie’s voice. “He needs to go for a walk,” Charlie pulled off the motorcycle helmet he was wearing. “Man this thing is tight,”
Roy suddenly realized he didn’t know what neighborhood he was in, yet his sense of mission drove him passed the houses across the street and into a pasture. In his confusion he didn’t much feel the cool of the night. A half hour passed and he came upon a brook flowing through a thickening forest.
He sat on a log and pulled his head off. He let it float into the air and watched his body sitting on the log as the distance grew. He felt elated. What will the others think? he wondered.
Meanwhile Charlie realized he was alone. Ashley and Cody had been merely a pillow and a sack of Idaho Potatoes respectively. He felt cheated and his mind reeled to pin who was responsible. It was Roy! He had known for years now that it was Roy. Roy was the one responsible for Charlie’s car melting.
One day Charlie had meeting to be at and he was running late. When he opened the garage door, to his horror, his car was a puddle. He had to ride his bike to his meeting with S.C.L.O.R.
“DIE DIE DIE,” Ben yelped at him.


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