Our Existence Explained!

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


Everything make so much sense now! I’m listening to UFO Paranormal Radio and finally I understand our origins, Atlantis, Hell, UFO’s, Hades, Reptillian People, Autism (dolphins trapped in human bodies), sasquatches (bear/human hybrid) etc. Us humans(mamillions) are actually invaders of this planet.
There are 130 or more subterranian bases here in North America where people are being killed by the Reptillians and these stories are covered up as “mine accidents”! The Reptillians can shape shift to look like humans and they have formed secret sects. Have you ever seen someone with Reptillian looking eyes? Those people are not human! They’re shape shifted Reptillians!! Don’t trust them! You know all the pictures of the devil you’ve seen? That’s a Reptillian! All this knowledge is blowing my mind!
I’m so scared right now. I had already thought that cats were an advanced star people with a higher form of communication than our own. It is so obvious how snide they are. It is also pretty obvious how closely related they are to porpoises and thus autistic children. I saw a YouTube video of a guy who could draw a bird’s eye view of Rome after a 15 minute helicopter ride. That is not human! Come on people! This stuff is all right in front of us! Don’t be blind! Here are other things I’ve observed:

  • Birds flying in triangle pattern (the same shape as many UFO’s)
  • Unexplained scars on my body that look like they were caused by reptiles
  • Many people in public acting in a zombie-like manner
  • The similarity of our skin to feathers (where do you think goose bumps came from?)
  • Animals looking at me curiously betraying a higher intelligence
  • A disappearance of bananas from my kitchen counter
  • How the placenta seems to be some sort of “belly” tail on the human (doctors have been cutting the wrong end for thousands of years)
  • Snowmen that are too tall to possibly have been built by humans
  • Inventions way too complicated for normal humans to have made

One thought on “Our Existence Explained!

  1. I know! It’s all true! Except I’m sorry Yosh but you forgot to tell the world about the Illumanati. They control the world and communicate with each other by making the crop circles. They are based out of DIA’s basement, but they are all over. The law is that there has to be one of them in every major organization. So that means that there is ONE OF THEM IN OURS! I suspect Jerry. What do you think?


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