Area Man Overloads the Internet

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


by Yosh Anderson for the Monthly Waste
GRAND JUNCTION, CO – The World Wide Web was shut down for 2 hours last night at 2:49am as Internet Technicians worked furviously to remedy the problem. The problem? 34 year old Richard Drakeson is cited as the one man responsible for “filling up” the internet.
“I think I realized the problem as I had just finished uploading the Drakeson family photo archive on Photobucket after maxing out my accounts at Flickr, MySpace and Facebook. My computer slowed down and I thought it was just my internet connection. Then I proceeded to upload all 480 of my Blue Ray DVDs onto a private FTP as well every home video any Drakeson has ever made onto YouTube,” Drakeson told the Press “Suddenly I got an error message reading ‘Warning: The file being copied is too large for the World Wide Web. Please delete files and retry’. I thought that was preposterous, so I retried at which point my computer froze,”
Drakeson then called his personal computer tech who told him all of his clients had the same problem. It wasn’t long before they began to realize the dilemma was affecting the entire Web.
“I’ve never seen anything like this. [Richard] had some damn big files he was uploading,” commented Arron Doyle, Drakeson’s personal computer technician.
Around 5am this morning a team of 500 technicians working over telephone line were able to get reserve servers up that used Beta Rogue software to find Drakeson’s offending files and delete them.
“The largest file was what appeared to be roughly ten years of home videos, mostly of mistaken footage when someone didn’t realize the camera was on,” commented Mark Rigllhutz, a software technician working out of Silicon Valley “Once we got those videos off YouTube the internet began to fire up all over the world again,”.
“I want to apologize to the world for crashing whole darn thing and well…Cokes are on me, everyone,”
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