E Paper and the Coming Controversy

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]

I heard on a podcast today that “they” have discovered E Paper. This is paper that is basically like a computer screen and so they can use it for magazine covers and animated covers. Pretty soon I’m sure it will be thin enough to be every page of the magazine. Now we can watch our magazines rather then read them, thank goodness….I thought the age of reading was never going to end. Oops…that affects this blog. I guess we better work on making this blog into it’s movie version – not so much because it needs to work on E Paper, but because it won’t be too long before society has done away with reading completely (it is a quite archaic way of communicating anyway) (I mean, just think of how long its taking me to type this by pushing each individual key for every letter, if I acted this all out it would be much easier)
There is one small problem with E Paper is that it takes power. That means fossil fuels or something. And I have heard about how the ozone is depleting or depreciating or what ever. Fossil fuels are made from melting dinosaur bones which there can only be so many of. The next animal whose bones we use may actually need to be non-extinct. I guess we would pick the most useless animals first (probably the Tea Cup Poodle) but once we extinct them we will need to move on to ugliest animals. I can foresee the moral debate here as many humans will be considered. But really, they should sacrifice themselves for the good of all. Technology must march forward.


What do you think??

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