Obama Nation

[Originally posted by Yosh at No One Reads Your Blog, a blog collaboration by the members of the band Jake Wilkinson’s Unicycle]


Wow politics are heated right now and it’s because of George W. Bush. It is W’s fault that, Gore lost in 2000, his oil companies caused global warming which caused minute temperature changes which led to hanging chads. Global Warming also caused Saddam Husein to make W think he had WMDs and W wanted to avenge his daddy so he paid some Arabs who hate the US to run planes into the twin towers destroying a large chunk of NYC. Afghanistan, and Iraq are W’s fault and it all made Cheney so nervous he shot his buddy in the face. And guess what, McPalin….er Palin…I mean McCain looks kinda like George Bush, and he’s a Republican and we don’t want anything resembling Bush, so we need CHANGE! Or Change we need! Plus if you vote for McCain you must feel a little racist because your missing the chance to elect our first black president. (In 2013 hopefully we can have our first Latino….actually scratch that, make that Native American, they’ve been waiting longer) Anyway, I heard there is a possibility of Jim Laden becoming secretary of state- so my campaign sign will read Obama Bidin Laden. So good luck Barrack Husein, try not to kill too many babies and everything will be OK, besides McCain will probably keel over before his 4 years is up….wait, that means….*gasp* first woman president! Ah crap! This is really about first black president vs. first woman president….how do we choose???
OK, now that you’ve read through all that mudslinging I know you are truely one of the faithful! That was all a front, just like politics is a front in real life!! That’s right, this is all as my friend put it “a horse & pony show” to keep us distracted from what really matters. Are you ready forthis? Reptillians, a race of extrterestials has infiltrated America and they are on the verge of a complete take over. There is now an estimated 9:1 ratio of reptillians to humans residing in the U.S. Look around you, if you in a group of 10 people, YOU are the only human!!! Be careful!!! Watch what you say. Disguise messages with political agendas, this has proven to throw them off your trail. Remember, look at their pupils first. If they are slits like a cat, REPTILLIAN!

My name is Yosh and I approve of this message.

Paid for by the comittee to re-elect George W. Bush


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