Another John, Daniel and Ricky Story

(Probably about 1992 judging on the dot matrix print-out from the Apple II computers we used in middle school. But if I judge by Daniel’s age, 11, and assume he was my age then the story would have been written in 1990)

John Murphy, Daniel Jackson and Ricky Holms were the best of friends – like brothers. Each a single child whose parents were taken as hostages because of their military background. The three had survived on their own since.

John was ten when the particular incident happened. An unknown army (certain to be an army because of the techniques used) entered his home without particular interest in his family belongings. When the ordeal was over, John’s house had Oozie bullet holes covering the entire house, no money and no parents.

Daniel was eleven when the same army came to his house the same night. Daniel’s house was left in a similar fashion except the soldiers had not taken his money.

Ricky was twelve and his house was hit last. The soldiers stole his parents and money too but they were in such a hurry they hadn’t taken time to shoot up his house.


What do you think??

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