Book Back

Book Back (1993, 94 or 95?)

Counter Culture Spy

Josh meets the greatest girl of his life and the best part is she’s a Christian!

But when Josh finds out Christina is actually an Iraqi spy who has confused him with J. Anderson, America’s most famous bomb inventor, he is furious.

Josh also finds out she lied about being a Christian.

In the end Josh converts Christina into a Christian and helps her successfully deport to America.

(idea from a dream I had)

A Rapture Story

An atheist reporter covering PK97 witnesses rapture and is turned to God immediately.

1 million men cheering over the ressurection of Christ suddenly disappearing from the face of the earth was enough to do it.

Now he only wonders why it is so hard for the rest of the world to understand and how he can witness to as many people as he can before JUDGEMENT…


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