Computer Brains (1996, 97 or 98?)

*Louie Weaver of Petra

Loui* read it aloud “Meet me at 10:00 at the Tron Café.” He saved his email under his file folder “Mindy”. In the folder his eye caught the subject of one letter that simply said “Picture.”

“Ah yes,” he had to see it again. The only picture of Mindy he had. Maybe it was a glamour shot, but hey, even if she took all the make-up off she’d still be the girl of his dreams. Of course the only real way to judge how he felt about her would be to actually spend physically present time with her- not chatting in a chat room or sending email.

Abruptly he chose “Compose” from the menu bar. His trained hands flew over the keyboard in swift motions.


I can’t believe we’re actually going to meet! I will be leaving my house at 5:00 a.m. and should arrive in Nemoy  around 10:00 a.m. I will meet you at the Tron Café. Can’t wait. J

Loui a.k.a. Fireball131

Loui clicked “send” and then exited his email program. He glanced at the clock – “11:00 a.m.” It was Saturday, the beginning of his week long paid vacation.

Loui worked at Benton Vice Software as a salesman. His job was to sell, at any cost, the latest bell or whistle to add to your home “CS” (Computer System) He rarely knew anything about what he sold his customers.

Loui was surfing the internet when he heard his doorbell ring. He glanced at the clock “2:00 p.m.” Loui open the door to see the Delibot.

“Please sign this form to receive your package Mr. Hartman” Loui signed a form on a sensor pad that extended from the ‘bot’s central area. When Loui took the package, the Delibot continued his deliveries up the street.

Inside, Loui tore off the package tape and then pulled out the contents. It was the new Fixation 3.0 software. When the program was installed in your car it would automatically repair and generally upkeep your car. Loui set it aside.

Almost as soon as he was back at his computer following mazes through the world wide web. The next time he checked the clock it was 11:00 p.m. Loui realized that he was not even the slightest bit aware of the time lapse. He decided to quit but didn’t get off until 12:00.

The first thing on his mind when his alarm clock woke him up was checking his email.


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