COOL CUTS er somethin’ (probably 1993)

John, Daniel and Ricky

“I’m gonna set the grail here while we eat,” John set what was believed to be the Holy Grail as close as he could to the cliff’s edge. “Why so close John?” asked Ricky as he took a bite of his sandwich.

“I think it’ll make great pictures there,” John answered pulling out of his vest pocket a cheap 35mm camera.

“Watch out for our climbing ropes,” Daniel cautioned. The three had neatly wrapped up their ropes though the ends were still strung through the “Rock Eyelts” and the harness hooks were left lying on the rock. Suddenly from the bushes behind them, came a mountain lion. For reasons unknown, the cat charged the three. As Ricky and Daniel jumped out of the way they yelled “Watch it John!” John was out of the way just in time as the lion sped past him and stopped just short of the cliff’s edge near the grail.

“Guys, we can’t afford to lose that grail!” Ricky reminded.

The cat acted as if it were being cornered and paced around the grail growling. John took a step forward. As a result, the cat moved backward. The lion’s back foot tipped the grail knocking it off the sheer cliff.

“Oh shoot!” Daniel yelled as he ran toward the cliff. He swept his hand along the ground snagging hid climbing rope. He leaped over the cat and off the cliff. As he was in the air, he clipped the hook into his harness. He saw the grail fall as its decent was slowed by bushes growing from the cliff side. Daniel’s decent actually caught up with the grail’s. Finally he managed to grab the grail  just in time as he ran out of rope. His harness snapped. He slipped but caught a loop in the harness with his foot. He hung for a few seconds that felt like minutes to him.

“Guys?” he yelled at the top of his lungs, “I got the grail!”

John Daniel & Ricky (probably 1993)

“Guys, we’ve been hit in the left engine! We’re gonna have to jump!” The three were suited in their parachutes in a matter of seconds. Daniel was the first out on the wing.

“Hurry!” John cried as the enemy aircraft came up beside theirs. John, Daniel and Ricky jumped, closely followed by three enemy paratroopers.

The first headed straight for Ricky with a flying kick to Ricky’s chest. The guy pulled out a gun, but before he could do anything with it, Ricky kicked it out of his hand. Ricky directed his decent behind the paratrooper. Before the guy knew it, Ricky had him in a Sleeper and within seconds the man was unconscious. When Ricky descended to the right elevation he popped his shoot and landed on the snow covered mountains below.

The second paratrooper aimed himself at Daniel. When he contacted Daniel, they engaged in aerial combat. To Daniel’s surprise, the guy produced a pair of handcuffs which he slapped on Daniel’s left wrist. Daniel swung the cuffs around bloodying the guy’s nose. The guy then reached out and grasped the cuffs with both hands. The two started to spin and when they did, the paratrooper managed to cuff Daniel’s other wrist. Daniel was rendered helpless, or was he? Daniel did an aerial flip putting both his combat boots to the guy’s already bloody face. If it didn’t knock the guy out, it killed him. Daniel still had a problem: he couldn’t reach his shoot cord. It left him with one choice: to freefall. He free-fell all the way to the ground which was fortunately covered by 6ft of snow.

The last paratrooper had sent himself toward John. They met up in mortal combat. John realized he was coming to a height where he needed to open his shoot – and so did the paratrooper.

“Get away” John side-kicked the guy in his stomach. While the guy was back, John popped his shoot. But right then, the guy was back in his face. Stupidly the guy popped his shoot too. Their two shoots tangled together.

“Now you’ve ticked me off!” John yelled as he right hooked the guy in the jaw. It knocked the guy out and obviously broke his jaw. John quickly pulled out his pocket knife and cut the enemy’s cord. Suddenly her realized he had cut two of his own cords!

“Shoot!” he cut away all the paratrooper’s cords. He sighed, but one problem remained. His descent was very awkward because of the missing cords. But when he sunk into the 6ft snow, all his problems were over…

.                       .                                   .

Dan + Jen (1993?)

I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to see her. But how? She lived over 150 miles away. Besides, she wasn’t my girlfriend. Oh but I had to see her. The urge over came me. I got into my 1985 Renault. I started it up and backed out of the driveway. I barely knew how to drive the stick shift and I didn’t even know the way to Rosdniw, the town Jennifer now lived in. But to see her would easily make up for my problems. As I drove down the highway, I thought of the years she lived in the same town as me, Giarc, and that we met at church when we were little. I thought of last year when I found out she was going to have to move. The anger of that thought made me speed. But I could not get my small car above 60mph. Finally I decided to stop at a gas station and get a map. When I did I was surprised to find out that I was going the right way and I only had 20 more miles to go. Those 20 miles went quick and when I saw the sign that said Rosdniw, I began to get anxious. At a gas station there I picked up a map of the town I had never been to before. On the map I found the street where she lived, Lodge Cir. When I got to the street I found her house! 52 Lodge Cir.! Her house was different than I had imagined. As I pulled up to the curb, I got very nervous. She had seen my car on an earlier visit to Giarc but I was still afraid it looked too cheap. My imagination went wild. I imagined my car was a Lamborghini. Yeah right. But tNhen right before me, my imagination became reality! My white 4 cylinder morphed into a V12 bright red Lamborghini Countach! I got out and took a look at it to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. “Am I dreamin’?” I asked myself. A quick pinch on the cheek proved that wrong. I reached out and touched it. It was there all right. I didn’t know how, but it was there. Now I had to refocus on what I was here for. I was still nervous. I walked up to the sidewalk and thought ‘What am I doin’ here?’ My palms were sweaty and I reached up to the door bell. I had prepared earlier what I was going to say-before the incident in the car. “I want to take you for a ride in my car.” A few seconds after I rang the door bell, the door opened. It was her! I got dizzy. She asked “Daniel? What are you doing here?” “I-I-uh- wa-I want to take you for a ride in my car…” I studdered. “Your car? Now? I-sure! Daniel!” As we began to walk down the sidewalk she said “I like your little car-,” then she saw my “New” car. “Oh my gosh! Is that your-” She couldn’t believe it when I got in the driver’s seat of the Lamborghini. As she got in she asked “How?” and I said “I would tell you if I could.” I started it and revved the engine. This car really had power. I screeched the tires and went through the neighborhood at 40mph. When I got out of the city limits and on to the freeway, I drove at everyone else’s speed – until a hot shot in a Mercedes whizzed by as if to say “My car is better than yours” Not only did I pass him, but the speed continued to rise until I hit the top speed of a Lamborghini Countach, 183mph. “Daniel!” Jennifer yelled. I looked at her calmly but when I looked at the speedometer I wasn’t so calm. The speed continued to rise until it was as high as it could get: 200mph. It continued to rise still. Steering was not difficult because the road was fairly straight and trafficless. Suddenly the car lifted off the ground. I looked out to the side and saw a wing emerge. It was just in time because the road got curvey. “We’re flying!” exclaimed Jennifer. “I-I- We’re not on Earth anymore!” I said as the blue sky turned into black space. And as strange objects flew past we realized we weren’t even in our own dimension anymore! “Where are we?” asked Jennifer. Rapidly we came upon what looked like a planet. On closer inspection it proved to be no planet at all but the large head of a beast that seemed to be “Evil” itself. I cranked on the steering wheel to turn around but when I did, Jennifer put her hand on my shoulder. “I have this feeling…this feeling that we must defeat it” she said. “I-I do too,” I replied. The very thought produced machine guns on the hood and missile launchers on the sides of the Lamborghini. Buttons on the steering wheel fired the atomic bombs at the creature. There was a gigantic explosion; larger than anything ever witnessed by humans. But when it cleared, the awful thing still glared at us with its red slitted eyes. “I have a feeling it will take more than physical fire power to defeat this thing,” I said. The two of us looked at the glove box which opened itself. Within was a bright, blinding light. Suddenly something blasted the car and there was fire. We looked up to see the beast closing its firey mouth. I reached into the glove box and pulled out the bright light. I realized it was a Bible. I put it in a compartment in the roof. I reached down and flipped a cap on the gear shift which revealed a lighted red button. I pushed down and the glowing Bible was fired from the roof. We watched it disappear in the distance. When it struck the beast there was a great blinding light seen in all directions. It lasted 7 seconds. The light faded and we sat in this space alone. The black of space faded out into the blue sky of Earth. Our Lamborghini was set down in the middle of a large city. Jennifer and I looked at each other with big eyes. We opened the doors to see a crowd of spectators who were impressed by the Lamborghini from the sky. For some reason I had the urge to look at a newspaper on a nearby stand. Jennifer followed me to it. The front page of the newspaper said “Satanist Gathering Suddenly Disappears From The Face Of The Earth” Jennifer and I stared at each other in disbelief and confusion.


Super Assassin

He was only a shadow as he scaled the front of the White House. Within seconds he was in the president’s office.

Almost in one fluid motion he came up off the floor and snagged Hussein by the neck and threw him up against the wall knocking him out cold.

As he injected the poison, alarms went off every where. Suddenly heavenly armed guards shot in from every direction.

The only way to go was straight up. He jumped off the ground and climbed through an airshaft just barely dodging bullets. In just seconds he found himself on the roof to meet the helicopter. Its spotlight was directly on him.

“Stop. We’ll shoot,” came a voice on the loud speaker.

Daniel hooked his cable around some pipes on the roof and dove off – barely missing the automatic weapons’ fire.

Making contact with ground he unbuckled the cable. His ride was ready when he exited the premises.

Several armed units and the helicopter were in hot pursuit.

The chase went on until they reached the shore. By then their escape vehicle had taken all the bullets it could. Daniel bailed out just in time. His getaway driver was not so lucky. The vehicle exploded violently.

Several of the police saw the black figure of Daniel diving into the water in the spotlight. They fired their weapons into the water.

Daniel swam down into it – the Nitroboat. As quickly as possible, under water, he opened the cockpit and climbed in. Water filled the cab. He pressed a button and all the water was sucked out.

He flipped a red cap and pushed the button under it. The small vehicle began to shake as a red digital countdown began on the dash.

Daniel saw coast guard divers jumping on all sides.

One aimed a water cannon at him just as the countdown read zero. Water directly behind the thrusters was immediately above boiling point as the boat took in speeds over 900 mph. Daniel was 20 miles off the coast in no time. Suddenly on his radar he saw something directly in his path.

All he had time to do was yell “Shoot!” His boat ripped through the hull of a large oil tanker. He shot out the other side and kept going. Oil filled the water around the tanker.

It’s a Beautiful Life

…and there I was in the produce section of the market. I wrapped my arms around her. She hugged me tight and then we kissed. I took off the FBI hat. We didn’t care about all the people staring at us.

Oh – you’d probably like to know how it all started. Well, it’s a long story, but I’ll tell ya.

It started out perfectly innocent. I had a crush on Courtney Blake. I’d always been shy and I was afraid to tell ANYONE. Little lone her. Finally, the summer after my 8th grade year I wrote her and told her.


What do you think??

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