Crash Survivors

1st draft March 30, 1993

Final Draft April 27, 1993

John, Daniel and Ricky, three U.S. soldiers, were assigned a mission by their commanding officer: to fly to Iraq and spy. Then the three were assigned a pilot.

All four filed into an SR-71 spy plane; pilot first. John, Daniel and Ricky watched as the pilot flipped, what seemed like, a thousand different switches. The plane’s engine roared to life. It sputtered a little which brought a worried look to the pilot’s face.

The plane took off at an amazing speed. It also flew at an amazing speed.

“At this rate we’ll be there in no time!” exclaimed Ricky. Then suddenly, as if Ricky’s voice had caused it to happen, the plane took a sudden nose dive. Everyone in the jet panicked.

John, Daniel and Ricky ejected. The three noticed the pilot didn’t eject. As they floated through the air the SR-71 spy plane exploded over the hills. The debris of the plane flew out in every direction, some of the pieces even hitting John, Daniel and Ricky.

They finally fell to the ground without any knowledge of their whereabouts.

“Now what do we do?” asked Daniel.

“Well, the first thing we should do is go to the plane wreckage and see if there is anything we can use left,” noted Ricky.

The three hiked to the wreckage. After about half an hour of searching through the pile of junk they came up with one conclusion: there was absolutely nothing they could use. Everything was destroyed.

“Well, a, I guess the next thing to do is look for civilization,” said Ricky.

“Ya, we’ll split up and come back at a certain time,” added John.

“But how will we know where to come back to?” inquired Daniel.

“Um, let’s see, that tree over there!” exclaimed Ricky. He pointed to a lonely tree on the horizon of the barren semi-desert land they were stuck in.

So they split up and went off into separate directions. They were each gone for about one day. They all came back to the tree saying, “I didn’t find a thing!”

“I’m starved,” complained John.

“We don’t have a thing to eat, well except for the weeds, I guess,” said Daniel.

“If we had to we could eat bugs,” added Ricky.

“Ya, I guess so,” said John reluctantly.

“Guys, we’re gonna have to build some sort  of shelter,” suggested Ricky.

“Outta what?” wondered John.

“Well, we could use the plane scraps,” said Daniel.

Then the three dragged all the useable parts to s level spot of the sage brush covered ground, but they needed something to support the pieces with.

“What are we going to use for support?” asked Ricky.

“Well we could uses branches from that tree,” said John.

With that they all ran to the tree.

“Hey guys, I didn’t notice this before but there’s a huge cliff right here!” noticed Ricky.

John and Daniel looked, a little shook up because they were so close.

Suddenly a strip of land on the side of the cliff, about ten yards long and five yards wide, crumbled off. Unfortunately, that was were the three of them stood to look off the cliff. Fortunately, as the dirt fell each one of them grasped the new edge of the cliff just in time to see the cracked off piece fall to the bottom of the canyon.



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