CSBS FM 69.0

Your Alternative to Amphetamines

With Jazz Jammin and Rock Glover


By Josh & Wes Anderson

Welcome to 69.0 CSBS FM. This new station is designed, not for your easy listening comfort, but to keep you awake during your long night travels.

Statistics show that more night accidents are caused by sleeping than anything else. So this station will open your eyes with lots of loud upbeat music, loud non-sense blabbering and anything else we can think of to keep you awake at night. (We’ll even throw in a little coffee.)

So here is the first song to kick off 69.0 CSBS FM. This is RATHYM from the Crud Rockers’ first (and only) album “Grey Poupon”.

This is Jazz Jammin with your traffic report. Today was the day that the Ride the Rockies bicycle competition came through Craig, but since the streets are so goofy, the bicyclers went the wrong way on one of Craig’s one way streets. That caused a five people, five bicycle, and five car pile up at Victory and Yampa. The paramedic arrived within minutes and took the injured to the hospital to get checked and the mortuary swung by to pick up the fatally wounded, but I think it’s a bunch of BS. And now for our second song on 69.0 CSBS  where you’ll be hangin’ with the monkey boys! Another one by the Crud Rockers

We have a guest with us tonight. It’s Tank from the Crud Rockers. He’s going to play a short guitar solo with a little bit of vocals.

Today Arnold Swartzenegger turned 69 and is living with his son named Jr.

Also, three Crud Rockers had a birthday! Today Tank turns 51, Maddog 61, and Tweedle Dee turns 71. Today Bill Clinton turns 1 and his wife, the president turns 101.

This is Rock Glover with your weather report. It’s gonna be cloudy with a 99% chance of rain and a 90% chance of fog. So, STAY AWAKE!


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