Detective Lomax by Josh Anderson

Detective Jim Lomax, of the New York Police Department, sifted through his notes and material on his latest case. Finally, the train started to move, and a young woman, about 22, sat in the seat next to Jim.

Jim looked up from his work and extended a hand “My name’s Jim,”

“I’m Susan,” she replied in an outgoing way. Jim went quickly back to his work, but Susan’s stare lasted a few more seconds. “Where are you headed?” Susan was curious because of all the papers he had.

Jim looked at her and reluctantly said “I…I can’t say…”

Susan smiled and something clicked inside of Jim. He couldn’t look away.

“Well, I mean, it’s real secret…uh, I’m going to Hoboken,” Jim told her more than he should have. The two got into a conversation and he found himself letting her know things about the case that were top secret.

By the time the train arrived in Hoboken Susan was very familiar with the Crimshaw Conspiracy. After Susan said “bye” to Jim and departed, Jim had an awful feeling he had spilled too much information. All he could hope was that Susan would keep her promise to keep it all a secret.

When Jim got to his hotel room he shoved the brief case between the mattress and the bed.

As Jim lay down to relax, all he could think about was Susan’s smile.

Susan walked down the street away from the train station looking for a taxi. The man who had been following her suddenly caught up and clasped  one of his hands over her mouth as he dragged her into the alley.

She tried to scream but her voice would not penetrate the gloved hand.

“Quiet!” the man ordered. Afraid for her life, she obeyed. The man slowly took his hand off her mouth. She turned around to see a man whose face was half covered with a scarf. At that moment, a black sedan pulled up. The back door opened, and before she knew it, Susan was on her way to the man’s hideout.

Without the man noticing, Susan reached up and pulled the blindfold down just enough to see.

*                                                                              *                                                              *

Jim put his hand in his hair and sighed, “Where is C874? And what does it mean?”

*                                                                              *                                                              *

Just then the black sedan pulled into a run down garage with a steel girder across the roof. Susan read the large, spray-painted letters, “C874”. The car finally came to a stop. She was dragged out and when the blindfold came off she was under a single light.

“Alright, we want you to give us every bit of information Mr. Lomax gave you!” The man with the gloves ordered. The driver drew a gun.

“Mr.Who?” Then she remembered Jim!

“Don’t play stupid, lady!”

“I can’t tell you! It’s a secret!”

“Lady, you  want this bullet to go through your head?”

*                                                                              *                                                              *

“Telegram for Mr. Lomax!” a voice at the door said.

Jim went to the door and received the telegram.

“YOUR GIRL IN EXCHANGE FOR THE BRIEFCASE” it read. ‘Oh no, they know about the information I have! And, my girl? My gi-Susan? They’re holding Susan hostage!’ he thought. He read more “MEET ME AT C874 AT 12:00 MIDNIGHT” signed Crimshaw.

“Where is that? How am supposed to know where that is?” The phone rang. “Hello?”

It was Jim’s superior “Jim, this is Don. I need your case leads as soon as you can get them to me”

“I can’t do that,”


“Crimshaw is holding someone hostage for my leads,”

“How does he know about your leads?”

“I don’t know, he may have seen them when I had them exposed on the train.” He wants me to meet him at midnight at C874, whatever that means.”

“Jim, I think you better meet me at the cafe on the corner by the plant, bring your briefcase,”

As Jim drove through Hoboken he observed the buildings and signs. He saw some steel girders and noticed the number C875.

He drove a block further before it dawned on him. He stopped at the cafe and found Don.

“Listen Jim, as soon as-”

“Don, I figured out where C874 must be.”

“That’s great! I was going to say that when we find it, we’re going to plan an ambush with half of the entire Department.”

“Sounds good, why don’t you make the arrangements while I confirm the location?”

Jim drove back to C875 and went one block further down the adjacent street. Sure enough, it said C874.

The day went by slowly and finally it was time. Jim walked into a dark warehouse there and wasn’t sure he was in the right places until a light came on and he heard Crimshaw’s voice, “Welcome Mr. Lomax,”

Jim turned in the direction and saw Crimshaw pointing a gun to a blindfolded woman’s head.

“The briefcase Mr. Lomax!”

“The girl Mr. Crimshaw,” Crimshaw let go of her when he saw Jim put the case on the floor. As she walked to Jim, Jim kicked the case and it slid over to Crimshaw.

Jim took the blindfold off to see a very frightened young girl. It was not Susan. Jim’s rage filled eyes looked up to see Crimshaw running down the long corridor of the warehouse. Jim began to chase him Crimshaw noticed, stopped, turned around and pointed his gun at Jim. Jim stopped dead in his tracks.

Suddenly deafening tommy guns spurted out from every direction in the warehouse.

Crimshaw was finally dead. Jim’s incriminating case notes were now safe.

Jim was not happy. Where was Susan? Police crowded the area. Jim noticed two officers questioning a witness. Jim recognized the man. He was an associate of Crimshaw’s, but the officers did not know that.

Furious, Jim pushed through the officers and grabbed the guy by the collar.

“Where is Susan?!!” He yelled in his face.

“What the heck are you talkin’ about, man?” Jim uppercutted him in the jaw.

“ALL-RIGHT! Alright! Andy, another associate of Crimshaw is take’n her to New York,

“Crimshaw was gonna use her as a hostage again after he foiled you this time,”

“What for?”

“Money. The train leaves at 5:00 am”

Jim looked at his watch: 4:30, he just might be able to make it to the train.

He took a squad car instead of his own, so he could use the siren. He also took the briefcase. Jim floored it all the way to the train station.

Jim was cautious at the train station. He never knew what Andy might do to Susan, not knowing that Crimshaw was dead. When he finally got a ticket and got to the train, it had already started to move. Jim ran along with it, looking for a place to get in.

He saw the point where the cars joined and jumped on. He opened the door on the car and entered. He searched that car and couldn’t find Susan. He searched the next and the outcome was the same.

Finally, in the next car he saw the unmistakable hair of Susan, sitting next to the man that must have been Andy.


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