Dr. Deception & the Queen of Seduction

“Hi,” she said as she sat next to a stranger on a park bench. Thirty year old Renee was always polite but felt nicer to this man she just sat next to. Something about him made her feel comfortable, like an old friend. “My name is Renee,” she said sticking out her right hand.

“I’m Dan,” he said showing more interest in her now.

There was a moment of silence and then Dan said, “Have we met before?”

Her eyes showed astonishment as she laughed and said, “I was just going to ask the same thing!”

“Well, you remind me of girl named Rebeka that I knew in highschool,”

“Really? I’m just not sure why I think I’ve met you before. So tell me about Rebeka, I mean, what about me reminds you of her?”

“I really don’t know, something in your character-I mean, just what I’ve seen. Not to judge you or anything, but you seem sort of mischeivious. That’s how Rebeka was. Well, it really is a long story,”

“I’ve got time,”

Dan chuckled then began, “Well, it started when I was a senior in highschool. You know, at that age a guy’s always looking for a girlfriend. So when Rebeka first showed up in my group of friends the first thing I thought was ‘Gee, I’d really like to go out with her.’

Well, later I found out she had a really huge crush on my buddy Stan. So then I sort lost any hope of going out with her. Then a little bit later I found out she liked my brother Wayne almost as much as Stan. So, ya know, I totally lost hope.

Turns out she did like me, but it wasn’t as appearant because I wasn’t reacting to her flirting-well, because I gave up-ya know.”

Renee sat listening intently and interjected quickly “Her name was Rebeka?”

“Yeah,” Dan replied noticing that that made her think. “Well, anyway, she noticed how depressed I was so she pulled me aside one day to ask me why I was depressed. I told her it was because all the girls I liked seemed to like Wayne more than me. And that was when she told me she did like me. So then I started paying more attention to her. We became really close and were actually together although technically we didn’t make it official because we didn’t want to hurt our friend Mick who she earlier turned down.

Well, just when I was getting comfortable, things went bad with Wayne’s current relationship. So when Rebeka found out Wayne was free, she dumped me flat on my face for him.

I couln’t handle this. I needed a friend, someone to help me deal with it. I talked to my older friend Shawn.


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