Frock & Sadey (1998)

Magnificent Discovery

Per. 4 Mythology


It seemed like he was a slave. When his mom and dad died they left him to Mater and Lena, his foster parents. So Frock basically did anything and everything that his foster parents wanted him to do.

Whether he was fixing a fence or feeding Gymbus the rotweiler, he was always busy.

Mater became more fat and lazy every day.

“Frock, I want you to take Gymbus for a walk,” he said one afternoon. It was OK with Frock because the day was very nice.

Though Frock was 19 and healthy, the dog just about dwarfed him. Putting on his leash wasn’t hard since Gymbus was very friendly to Frock.

When Gymbus was all strapped in, Frock opened the gate that was on the fence surrounding their trailer house.

Frock could not remember the day when he was not busy with Mater’s work, so Frock never got much time to explore his own town.


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