Homes for Hope at Ensenada 2007

A soft chilly breeze prompted me to keep moving; even though my bloated duffel bag was already in the luggage compartment of one of the two charter buses parked in front of Canyon View Vineyard Church at about 6:30 am on March 10, 2007. In the previous planning meetings for the trip on which I was about to embark, I learned there were nearly 100 people going and now I watched them arrive and start to realize there wasn’t room on the bus for that much luggage. I had often wondered about the logistics of this many people, ranging from about 6 years old to probably over 50, traveling together.

Tim Nutting, the man heading up the project, was just over 30 years old yet had the details pinned down. He had already divided the group into four teams, team number 4 being headed up by the churche’s Young Adult Coordinator, Nate Ralston. When it was discovered that we would need one of the church’s 15 passenger vans for extra luggage space, Nate was called on to drive. He immediately elected me as his co-pilot because I had previously been approved to drive the church vans.


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