Hydro (Oct. 18, 1996)

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.08.29 PM
The Exorberfrost

The world of Sram is not far away nor was it long ago. It is, however, unreachable. Even though the planet Sram is right where you are right now, you cannot get to it for it lies in the prl3T dimension.

This story is about the Florsh that saved Sram from falling out of existence by the hand of Niniss, the evil emperor from the planet Grawth.

This particular Florsh’s name was Hydro Fex. Now, I probably should tell you about Florshes. They are like wolves that talk and walk upright. Their arms and legs are more like a human’s but still covered with thick fur. Most Florshes are gray or black but Hydro was white.

Hydro’s family was homely and had a nice brick house in the mountains of Quindox by a river.They were only a mile away from the Watsport Ocean.

Hydro was overprotected by his parents and didn’t know much about the “Real World”. That is why he was probably the most unlikely Florsh on Sram to save the world.

*            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *

Hydro was out catching Pinals (water crearures) on the shore of Watsport. He turned around when he heard a loud crash. A mile up the jungle covered mountains he saw it.

“No! Niniss is back!” Hydro only spent a moment looking at Niniss’ air ship which had just bombed his home. Niniss rarely did his own dirty work, so the airship was more than likely piloted by his Marg henchmen. But it was still a sure sign that Niniss was back on the rampage.

Hydro took off up the trail by the river that went straight to his house.  “So Niniss wasn’t kidding when he said he would kill anyone who wouldn’t give him their Weterlons,” thought Hydro. Weterlons were a scarce fruit that grew once a year and were used as money.

When Hydro got to his yard he almost had a heart attack at the sight of his house lying in ruins. He began to shake as he approached the middle pile of bricks. There lay his mom and dad-dead.

The poor little Florsh curled up and cried. The airship moved to the neighbor’s house and demolished it too and continued through the town of Skeevle.

Hydro did not move from that spot until dawn the next day and then he buried them. He wondered around in shock all day and when he laid down that night he began to think. He thought about all the things Niniss had done to the people of Quindox. Niniss didn’t even live on Sram. He had his own planet called Grawth which was small and only a hemisphere. The flat side (called the darkside) was very mountainous and had many caves. Niniss would come to Sram every few years to destroy property and steal valuables.

‘This time Niniss has gone too far. He has murdered my family and he will not live to hurt anymore Sramlings! I can and will make sure of that!’

The next morning Hydro knew he had to get up early and plan. He knew he was going to have to go to Grawth to get to Niniss. There was only one place in the world where a Sramling could take a trip to another planet without having to sell everything he owned and that was Colorston City, Cambradia. Cambradia was 1,200 miles across the Watsport Ocean.

Hydro packed up as much food as he could in a backpack and it was a good thing Florshes don’t eat much at all. Then he had to build a boat because he didn’t have enough money to buy one. It didn’t take him long to tie 3 large trees together and seal the cracks with Guallo puddy (from the core of the Guallo tree)

Now, on Sram the time is measured by the color of the ocean. In the morning it starts as red and changes every hour until it is black at midnight. Hydro set out at oceanred and sailed all day. He knew he’d have to stop at the Tarekat islands to restock on food even though he’d never been there before. There were many legends about the islands. They were said to be haunted and the thick fog never left. If one had the wisdom to get to them then they wouldn’t come out alive. It was also said that the dreaded Exorberfrost lurked in those waters.

Hydro thought of the islands as he tried to sleep on his little raft.

Hydro woke up at oceanorange (about 7:00 a.m. our time). Only one of the three suns Orgaan, Porchid and Manaka was up at that time. There were clouds building up in the east which worried Hydro because of his lack of experience sailing.

When oceanblue rolled around (Noon our time) Porchid, the second and largest sun was covered by dark clouds.

Right at oceangreen (1:00 p.m. our time) Hydro’s skull shrank as Florshes’ skulls do when a bad storm is near. He was worried and knew he was still about two days away from the Tarekats. The clouds covered Orgaan and left none of the bright blue sky showing. The wind came powerfully from the north so Hydro had to take his Guallo leaf sail down and paddle hard to keep from going south. It was very dark and began to rain hard.

The water turned violent. Hydro gripped what he could on his boat to hold on for dear life. If he fell off he would surely die. Then his raft tipped up on its side and he was slipping off when suddenly out of the ocean a mouth opened and swallowed him. It was a Labyrindroca. Inside the monster’s mouth was bigger than Hydro’s house and once inside the stomach, one would think they were inside a giant cave. Hydro just sat floating on the water in pitch blackness.

Afraid of what could happen at any moment, Hydro reached into his bag and took out his matches and a huge candle. When he lit it, he was horrified at what he saw. Bones floated in the water around him and that stuff dripping off the roof was….was digesting him! He had to get out and fast!

Suddenly his candle shot up a flame 6 feet high for one second.

‘What caused that to happen?’ he wondered. Another drip of that digestive stuff hit the candle and the flame shot up in the air again. ‘That’s it!’ and then it clicked ‘This thing doesn’t like fire much!’ He used a latch on his back pack to dig a small “bowl” in one of the Guallo logs. It didn’t take long for it to fill up with the saliva stuff. Then he took one of the ropes off his raft and saturated it in the stuff. The hardest part was throwing the rope just right to get the loop to  hang in the junk that was on the “roof”. He did eventually get it and then he lit it with the candle. The flame went crazy and shot up the rope forcefully and soon the whole roof was ablaze.

The walls of the Labyrindroca shrank down and before he knew it, Hydro was violently forced out with a stream of fire. The next thing he saw was the Labyrindroca smoking on its way back under water and his raft about 30 yards away and coming apart. The storm was a little more calm now.

When Hydro finally got back on his raft he saw an island covered in fog. The Tarekats? How could this be? He still had two days of traveling left.

Then he remembered that Labyrindrocas can swim over 300 mph. It was a good thing he was there because he needed to fix his raft. When he got to the shore he curled up in the sand and slept till oceanred the next morning.

When he got up he repaired his raft but he knew he had to go deep into the forest to gather food. He was very reluctant because that is where the Exorberfrost lived.

He was cautious as he entered the forest and was a mile in when he found food. He started gathering as quick as he could.

“Hold it right there small one!” Hydro turned around to see the humongous face of the Exorberfrost! The Exorberfrost was strange, even in the Sram world. Its face was the shape of a shoe box only MUCH larger. The eyes were like two balls on top of the box. One house looking thing served as his neck, back bone and tail. The main part of hid body was like a skeleton, ribs encaged a very visible stomach. The heart and other vital organs were in a protective case in the chest area. His legs looked like bony cat legs but were square like 2×4’s and at the ends were 5 long claws. “You don’t think you’re getting’ outta here alive-do ya?”

Hydro bolted out of the forest and tried to remember how his father told him the Exorberfrost could be killed. Then he remembered! “If you can get the Exorberfrost in the water at oceanblack it will fade out of reality!” his father had said. But that would be midnight! It was only the middle of the morning and the Exorberfrost’s scissor tongue was chomping at his tail!

Somehow Hydro had to keep this thing busy all day. Then Hydro remembered the “Circle of Dust” – a ring of dust unremoved over the centuries. Anything that past through it would be frozen solid for about 12 hours. But where was it?

Coming out of the forest Hydro ran along the shoreline and came to an open plane on the west side of Twest (the Tareket Island he was on)

There it was! The Circle of Dust – he was so lucky. The Exorberfrost was right on his tail and it smashed the rocks it stepped on.

When Hydro got to the Circle, he leapt over it. The Exorberfrost didn’t even see it and planted its foot right in the center. It was stopped cold in its tracks. Hydro fell to the ground panting and turned to see it.

After a short rest, Hydro finished gathering all the food he needed and put it on his raft. Then he sat and wondered how he could get that huge Exorberfrost into the water.

Then he thought of beautiful Argyle Park. A very strange place – you could find any kind of animal on Sram there.

Hydro found a Nornie (like a pony in our world) and it took him 3 hours to get to Argyle Park. Once there he searched over the grassy hills to find an Orthinfox. (kind of like an elephant/ox in our world) He finally found one eating out of a Guallo tree and used its language to ask for help. Being a kind sort of animal, it complied and in 3 hours Hydro rode the Orthinfox back to Twest and the Circle of Dust. By then it was dark and just turning oceanblack.

When it did, Hydro commanded the Orthinfox to ram the Exorberfrost with its head. It made a loud “smack!” and the Exorberfrost stiffly rolled over into the black water. There was a loud hissing sound and a bright light as of magnesium and then the Exorberfrost deluted and evaporated out of existence (or at least prl3T existence)

With a long sigh of relief Hydro told the Orthinfox it could go back to Argyle Park. Hydro slept like a log that night and when he awoke at oceanred he was quick to shove off and continue toward Cambradia.

The ocean was smooth on the east side of the Tarekats and in a matter of a few short days Hydro found himself arriving on the west coast of Cambradia. He was about 200 miles from Colorston City. His plan was to find a Wicksoom (the fastest horselike animal in Cambradia) And he quickly found one in the little coast town of Spottork. He took the rope off his raft and tied himself down to the Wicksoom. When he and his food were tied down, he gave the Wicksoom the command to go and it took off straight to the east.

It only took 2 hours but when Hydro climbed off the Wicksoom at the edge of Colorston City, he was stiff. He quickly found the nearest Welcomejoint and went inside for information. There was a large black Florsh at the front counter.

“Hi, I need to find the cheapest rocket station in town,”

The Florsh gave Hydro a map of Colorston City and circled a little place called “Cambradian Space Lines”

“Thank you,” said Hydro as he left. He just realized the station was only a few blocks away.

When he got there, he was nervous – he had never left his planet before.

“All aboard!” cried a pilot standing near rocker #75@*. Hydro handed the pilot his only Weterlon.

Hydro climbed aboard and saw the sign that said “Destination Porbial” which was a little over half the distance to Grawth. Hydro got worried and wasn’t sure what to do. But he just sat there quietly. It only took an hour for the rocket to reach Porbial. When it landed, everyone on the rocket got off. Hydro suddenly had this feeling he would go straight back to Sram.

Suddenly in desperation, Hydro approached the pilot and asked “Sir, could you please take me to Grawth?”

“Grawth? No way kid! That’s like flying straight to Hell! Have you ever heard of Niniss?”

“Yeah, I’m going to kill him,” Hydro said calmly.

“Sure, whatever kid,” the pilot thought about it for a moment then said “I’ll drop you off, but I ain’t pickin’ you up!”

In less than an hour Hydro found himself getting kicked off the rocket and landing on Grawthian soil.

It was the darkside and Hydro was filled with terror. He could see Niniss’ castle only a short distance up a steep jagged conical mountain.

Hydro’s adrenaline was rushing and the Grawthian air made him strong.

In no time he was forcing his way through the front doors of the castle. He took out several Margs guarding the throne room doors.

Hydro forced the doors open and punched the biggest Marg he’s ever seen in the face and it fell to the floor.

Niniss was obviously surprised to even see a Florsh on his planet. Niniss came off his throne and approached Hydro.

“You’re next!” Hydro yelled. At that point Hydro and Niniss entered into mortal combat. The fighting lasted about two hours. Finally Hydro tired Niniss out and had him at his mercy.

“Do as I say?” Hydro questioned more like a command.

“NO!” cried Niniss as he bared his right arm. He had a small computer strapped to his arm. He pushed a button and the LCD displayed “SELF DESTRUCT” Hydro decked Niniss with a fatal blow and ran for his life.

He ran out to a large patio behind the throne room and there it was! Niniss’ personal luxury airship! Hydro fought his way through an army of Margs to get to the pilot station. He was lucky the thing was simple to pilot. He faced it in the direction of Sram and hit “hyperspace” just in time as Niniss’ castle exploded. The explosion was so violent that it split Grawth in two once again. But by that time, Hydro was slamming on the brakes and stopping the airship over his own little town of Skeevle.

The entire town was alerted and armed themselves. Hydro came out to the deck and told them not to be afraid.

They relaxed and as Hydro was looking for a way down he hit a button that said “release”. Suddenly several thousand tons of Weterlon poured out over main street Skeevle.

Of course from that day on Hydro was looked at as a hero. Nothing could bring back his parents but Hydro was happy. This would never happen to anyone else because Hydro killed Niniss.



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