John, Daniel and Ricky Mystery Story

First draft 9-3-92, final draft 9-4-92

The day seemed to get hotter as it went on. The most fun thing John, Daniel and Ricky could think of was swimming. So they got their stuff and went to a pond that they had always used for swimming. The pond looked slimy as usual, but it looked like a lot of fun. They all three dove in. The water felt refreshing. Then they popped their heads out of the water and all at once they started telling each other how great their dive was. Daniel and Ricky’s seemed to be a little more interesting so John just treaded water listening. Daniel and Ricky started arguing and not even paying attention to John. John just laughed at them.

“You call that a dive?” shouted Ricky.

“John, Ricky and I will- John?! Where did John go?” It seemed John had just disappeared, he couldn’t have decided to leave because his towel was still on the bank. Daniel and Ricky looked furiously but the only thing they saw besides minnows and sea weed was a mysterious bubbling area not too far from where they were arguing. The bubbles smelled like the pond only stronger.


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