Josh Anderson’s Real Life Adventures

I think it was my fifth grade year. One morning before school I was looking out the Bay Window after hearing police sirens. Then I saw a red and white Blazer go speeding up the hill. It was closely tailed by at least one police car. Then it was time to go to school. Me & mom were at about the Rriess’ house when a police car came up the hill and blocked off Baker. Then from behind us the Blazer came and as we saw it, mom pulled over. The Blazer swerved around us and almost hit us. Later we found out it was three teenagers in a stolen Blazer from another state. They had stolen gas and that’s how they got the police on their tails. They had been in a high speed chase ever since. When they got out of Craig – somewhere on the highway – they rolled the Blazer.

Well, that’s the only real life adventure I’ve ever had, but you can read my fiction.


What do you think??

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