My Version of Batman & Robin (1993?)

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This criminal who committed crimes in humorous ways called himself the Joker. When the Joker was a teen he killed a young boy’s parents. The young boy’s name was Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne grew up studying different ways of justice. Bringing together all his knowledge from his studies he arrived upon the decision of a disguised hero. Combining this with his love for bats came Batman. Bruce also studied martial arts with his best friend. His best friend, wanting to join him in his fight for justice, became Robin. With the two’s combined intelligence they built themselves an underground base where they worked on technically advanced equipment such as the Batmobile and the Batwing.

The Joker finished planning his greatest crime. His plan was to rob the largest bank in Gotham City. With his perverted sense of humor he would murder anyone who got in his way.

The Joker climbed into his van slash arsenal. By the time he reached the bank he had every last detail planned. As he entered he threw knock out gas in every corner – of course he himself had a gas mask.

Five security guards breathing through their shirts approached him and he mindlessly gunned them down. After he took every cent he could find, he walked out laughing as he shot everyone he saw. He drove his van home and stocked away “his” money.

That night, for more  fun he went out and raped eight women. This was on the front page of the Gotham Newspaper.

As Bruce Wayne read this he decided it was time to do away with the Joker once and for all. Bruce put on his Batman suit and climbed into the Batmobile. He exited the Batcave at 220 mph.

In a very short time Batman arrived at the Joker’s giant mansion. He was doing 150mph as he rammed through the Joker’s front door. The Batmobile screeched to a halt in the Joker’s huge living room. Hundreds of the Joker’s henchmen surrounded the Batmobile. They all watched tentatively as a rod with a ball on the end rose out from beneath the car. Suddenly the balls dropped off to the floor and just as quick the Batmobile was gone and the entire inner section of the mansion was wiped out. Just as the Batmobile was to exit the gate it was hit by a missile. The explosion took out the back engine and Batman flew through the air. A few seconds after he landed, after his head was cleared, he signaled Robin to come pick him up.

One week later when Batman was mostly healed from his wounds he received a message via satellite from the Joker. The Joker explained that unless Batman revealed his identity he would blow up two entire city blocks. He also showed Batman pictures of the dynamite set up around the buildings.

The Joker said he would be waiting for Batman at the city hall where the mayor was going to give a speech to thousands.

Batman and Robin gave each other a look that said “LET’S NUKE ‘EM!” Batman and Robin grasped each other’s hand and prayed that the Lord Almighty God would be with them on their mission.

The two climbed into the Batwing and exited the Batcave at what seemed like light speed. Batman maneuvered through alleys and when they came upon the city hall Robin aimed the guns. Four missile launchers opened themselves and two gatling guns were emerged.

The Joker spotted the armed Batwing and pulled out a 7 ft. gun and aimed it at the Batwing. He fired the thing and its power knocked him back. It struck the Batwing and simply glanced off.

Robin got the Joker in his sight and unloaded everything. Batman maneuvered the Batwing so as not to hurt any innocent people.

The explosian not only took out Joker but all of his equipment and henchmen.

“THANK YOU LORD!” Batman and Robin yelled in unison.



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