Pain for a Country

November 17, 1992

April 20, 1993

“You guys guard the other side of the entrance,” commanded Daniel.

“K,” replied John as he and Ricky moved to the other side. Daniel, John and Ricky stood at the entrance of a Colorado army base armed with only swords.

Suddenly the silence of the night was shattered. Bullets rang out through the open area of the army base. John, Daniel and Ricky hit the deck in fear of getting shot.

“Let’s get in there and warn everybody, we’re under attack!!!!” cried Ricky. The three rushed in a informed everybody.

“One of the other men out there found this,” the General showed them a bullet.

“When we went to war with Iraq two years ago, some of our secret agents found that these bullets were a special kind only made in Iraq, so that means you know who to attack.”

“Yes sir!” the three said in sequence.

“I’ve got a plane waiting for you out back, you three will parachute into the main enemy base and attack.”

“Yes sir!” they said again and were out in the plane in a matter of seconds.

After a few hours of flying they crossed over enemy boundaries. With their pitch black parachutes they dove from the plane. When they landed Daniel unfolded a large very detailed map of the Middle East. On it the three helped each other locate the area that the enemy base would be.

“That’s got to be it,” commented John.

“Ya, it is,” said Ricky.

“We got lucky, it’s not too far from here!” said Daniel excitedly. With that the three immediately began hiking in the direction of the base.

Finally they arrived at the base. Daniel’s attention was suddenly turned to an Iraqi soldier who was shouting in his own language. The soldier raised his gun and was about to shoot at them. Daniel quickly threw a Chinese Star which lodged itself in the soldier’s neck killing him.

John, Daniel and Ricky got used to the sight by the time midnight came. The number of dead soldiers was almost ridiculous.

“Guys, its time to move inside the base,” Ricky reminded them. They moved on in as quiet as possible. Once inside they knocked off a few soldiers.

“I’m still amazed at how fast we killed so many soldiers with our Chinese Stars and swords,” commented John.

“That reminds me, I’m all out of Chinese Stars,” noticed Daniel.

“Me too,” realized Ricky and John.

“We’ll have to use our swords from here on,” said John.

“Well beside that everything is going pretty good!” said Ricky. Suddenly from the darkness of one of the long corridors came about 30 Iraqi soldiers; heavily armed. John, Daniel and Ricky found themselves in a sudden quarrel with about 10 soldiers each.

Shortly afterward the three had been knocked unconscious by the Iraqis.

“Where are we?” whispered John.

“Wherever we are it sure is dark!” joked Daniel. Then, as if Daniel’s voice had caused it to happen, some fluorescent lights in the corners of the room flickered on. There were now some apparent objects in the room such as a table, a chair and a lamp hanging from the ceiling which was not on.

A tall man accompanied by a shorter man entered through, what seemed to be, the south end of the room.

“You three sit at the table now!” ordered the tall man in horrible English. The three obeyed. The short guy turned on the hanging lamp. Right away the three realized that it was a heat lamp used for forcing people to release important information.

“First we want to know what you are doing here!” said the tall man in a deep voice. John, Daniel nor Ricky answered for they were under strict military silence.

“If that way want to be than we bring you to torture chamber!” said the short guy.

John, Daniel and Ricky remembered when they were in training this is where their drill sergeant said it gets hard to keep your secrets and many men gave in and told. But these three United States Marines would not give in.

Each of them was strapped to a concrete wall with leather ropes. The short man pushed a button on the wall that was under a speaker. He began speaking rapidly in the Iraqi language. Shortly afterward 5 other Iraqi soldiers came into the room. All seven of them had whips. Three of them walked over to John, Daniel and Ricky. They began whipping them.

The pain would be unbearable to the average person but John, Daniel and Ricky were Marine Seals. They endured the pain for a good hour. The soldiers realized this was doing no good to them.

The soldiers untied the three; their shirts now torn to tiny shreds. The were moved to a basin colored black by soot. It was apparent that it was used for burning things in, and this being a torture chamber they were probably going to burn the marines.

With blood dripping from their backs they were forced over the basin. The Iraqi men turned on a gas and ignited it. The three closed their eyes as the flame blasted their faces. Again they toughed out the tremendous pain. And again the soldiers saw this was doing no good.

The tall guy spurted off a bunch of things in Arab. At that the Iraqi men opened a large vault. Steam Frost  poured from the cracks of the door. John, Daniel and Ricky then realized it was a giant freezer. The men shoved the three in. Little did they know this was their bedroom for the night.

It was very hard to go to sleep but somehow, snuggled together, they managed to get a couple hours of sleep in.

They were awoken bright and early the next morning to find that the blood had frozen on their backs. This wasn’t so bad because they woke up earlier at their barracks in the U.S. They were only awaken to take a more creative way of punishment. This time they were beaten with clubs. The pain from the previous day all came back.

One of the Iraqi men noticed all three still had their dog tags on and he also saw they each had a cross tattooed on their right shoulder. The man walked up to Daniel who didn’t look a lot different than Ricky and John with the blood messed all over his face. The man grasped his tags and yanked them toward Daniel’s back to choke him, this broke Daniel’s chain. The same process was done to John and Ricky.

At this point they each had third degree burns, frost bite, whiplash and now bruises the size of softballs.

Next the three were brought into what seemed to be an auto shop and possibly a secondary woodshop, judging by the saws and other woodworking equipment. There were various military vehicles being repaired. These included several motorcycles.

John’s head was forced under a saw. Daniel’s hands were put into a vice. A motorcycle lay upside-down on a workbench. Ricky’s fingers were woven in the motorcycle’s spokes. The Iraqis went to work; putting, normally fatal, cuts into John’s head, breaking just about every bone in Daniel’s hand and Ricky’s fingers became dislocated. The motorcycle would have torn a person with normal strength’s fingers off but Ricky was a Marine Seal as his two partners. Within the next hour each of them had experienced those three torchers.

Previously the Daniel, John and Ricky had been obedient in fear they would have more harsh punishment if they didn’t. But now they realized the soldiers were beating them with no mercy. Ricky gave John and Daniel a look they all knew. The look told them ‘this is enough, we will fight back now’.


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