Raging Horror by Josh Anderson

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 4.52.26 PM

(probably in 1993)

John, Daniel and Ricky equipped  their ’75 Chevy’s toolbox with the necessary tools for rock climbing. “This is definitely going to be fun,” Daniel said as he looked at his grappling hook. The three piled into their V8 (not the tomato juice). “This road is dang rough,” complained Ricky as he maneuvered the powerful truck up the treched mountain road. It was about 9 am when they reached their destiny. It was a very high rock cliff – probably around 250 ft. high. “We better hope we have some dang good equipment here!” said John as he observed the high canyon walls. “Well, let’s do it!” They each put on gloves and safety belts. “Here’s a good crack,” Ricky studied the cliff side. “Here’s one,” said John pointing to a crack. “I got one too,” added Daniel. Each of them hooked their ropes into their cracks. “Everybody set?” asked Ricky. “Ya,” said John and Daniel at the same time. “Alright, here we go!” shouted Daniel. They slowly climbed down the canyon walls. “Everything’s going good,” thought John. Little did Daniel know, his cable had been drooped over a sharp rock and as he swung back and forth the rock gradually cut through hid cable. Suddenly it snapped. Daniel fell. “Ahhh!” he shouted when abruptly his safety belt caught a jagged rock. The rock cut his back and he hung. Panicked, John and Ricky moved down to rescue him. It took them about five minutes to reach Daniel. Finally they reached him. John and Ricky struggled to bring Daniel back to the top because Daniel had hit his head on a rock on the  way down and was unconscious. They quickly brought him to their truck. This time John started the engine and began to maneuver the truck down the rough mountain road. The road was rougher because John drove faster. Finally they reached paved road and sped to the nearest hospital. When they got there they carried Daniel in. “We need some help here!” Ricky shouted at the lady at the front counter. The lady picked up a phone and said some things that were unclear to Ricky & John in their present state of panic. Pretty soon some medics came rushing down the hall with a stretcher.



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