Revenge of the Karate Kids by Joshua Anderson

(likely written in or near 1990)

Chapter 1

A family, named the Greens lived in a small but nice apartment in New York City. One time the kid’s parents went shopping, and they hired a baby sitter, and left the kids at home with her. Mrs. Coks (the baby sitter) was mean! John was 1, Daniel was 2, Ricky was 3 and Christine was 1 and a half. The kids were put to sleep in bed. While they were asleep Mrs. Coks abandoned them! After about 3 hours they were awoken by a stranger knocking on the door.

“Mrs. Coks….! Are you there?” he said. The kids didn’t know what to do. The man said “I’ve got bad news…G…G…George a…and M…M…Martha are dead! – are you there? This is Howard!” The man shuffled the door knob, suddenly the door came opened! Dark haired, 3 year old Ricky who was the oldest, climbed out of the cradle in which they were put to sleep. Ricky crawled on to a near-by table.

The man came in, to his surprise Mrs. Coks was not there, after a few minutes he left. Ricky jumped on to a T.V. and flipped it on – Ricky liked to watch T.V. By that time all four kids had seated themselves. The kids listened closely, it said “Today a man entered the mall with an Oozie, he shot three people, one was Mr. Odark from the Liberty Savings Bank, the other two were the parents of four children, names George and Martha Green, the children have not yet been found.”

Ricky was probably the only one who understood the news brief. Ricky, as if to translate the news told the others. The other three looked at him in astonishment, what he said was (“De T.B. sad MaMa an DaDa were kiwed”) The others understood. They were to young to care.

Suddenly they heard a (bang) on the door. A few seconds later another man came marching in.

“All right…!” he said. “You kids outta here! Hear me?” He shoved the four kids out the door, into the elevator and pushed the buttons to make them go down, by the time they knew it, they were at ground level. They ran out the elevator, while the clerk was not looking, they ran outside the door (so they were just around the corner of the door).

Meanwhile, the man that broke into their apartment, finally noticed that he had lead the people he wanted right into the elevator and out the door! He ran into the elevator and out the door and found them, they started to run but Christine was captured.

The man held her hostage in an alley next to the apartment, he told John, Daniel and Ricky: “You kids know where your parents hid their money?!”

“OK, OK, I don’t know wher dey put it!” said Ricky.

“Dang it!” he said. “You kids…you three kids…get outta here!” the man said.

“What abow Cristene?” asked Ricky.

“Forget her!” he told them.

“But…but-” Ricky started but the man ran further down the dark alley. The boys ran after him but just found they were lost.

“Dat was de same man dat kiwed MaMa and DaDa!” remarked Ricky. The three were still too young to understand the happening.

“We ga to ge – get ow ob her,” said Daniel learning to talk from Ricky.

“Ya yer right,” Ricky said looking pale. The three looked around, and found the alley where their sister was held hostage, went around the corner, and found their apartment. When they reached their room they thought, where was MRs. Coks? They started crying. John stopped a second, he was hungry! Even though the kids were too young to understand what happened to their sister, mother and father, it was hard on them; for instance, they could not feed themselves, well, that is except John. John climbed up inside the snack closet up the shelves and grabbed a bag of potatoe chips (his favorite)


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