The house is alone in the hills. Far far away from civilization. It is more than a hundred years old. It is the home of spirits now. It was once the home of humans. I am trapped here. I used to have normal life in the city where the people are.

I along with my girlfriend and my best friend were going to go bowling that night. We were going to meet a group of our friends there. Tawny and Bud got into my pick up with me and we were headed to the Bowling Alley.

“Castor, could we go out to my grandma’s real quick so I give her her purse, she left it at my place,” Tawny’s grandma lived out in the boonies.

“No! C’mon! We’ll be late!”protested Bud.

I sighed and said, “OK, but don’t complain when I drive like a maniac!”

I drove as fast as I could out on the highway North  East of the city. Ten miles out there was a dirt road and five more miles to grandma’s. Four miles in is where I lost all hope. Yes, as I rounded a tight hairpen at 50 mph  I lost control. My pick-up did a nose dive into the ditch. A second later I was looking at Bud’s bloody face. Fortunatley he ws OK.

“Oh God!” Tawny screamed.

“It’s OK, we’re OK, we need to get help.”I said, I couldn;t have been further from the truth. “Look, we’ll have to go use the phone up at that house. I ponted to this damn thing. We managed to get out of the crumpled cab of my truck. They followed me up the long path to the house. It was a very cloudy night and slighty windy.


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