The hallway was long and I could barely see a door in the distance. I ran to the door. I opened the door and found myself looking down the side of a mountain.

Suddenly I heard a loud rumble from the ground. I looked up the hill and saw a burst of dirt and rock spring up from the ground. The head of a beast emerged. It had wide jaws and looked much like a lion except the teeth were each three feet long and it had a neck like a serpent.

I quickly realized it wanted to feast on me! I ran down the grassy slope. When I turned my head it was closer. The slope got steeper until I slipped and began sliding uncontrollably. I looked back again and the beast was right at my shoulder; it’s serpentine body stretching from the hole it had emerged from.

A slithery tongue reached out and started to wrap around my neck. I looked forward and before I knew it I was engulfed in a dark forest. The beast smashed into a 20 foot in diameter tree. The beast appeared to be dead but I was still sliding.

Finally the hill leveled out but then went up to a crest. Avoiding trees I finally came to a stop. I peered over the crest and to my total surprise I was looking off a 300 foot cliff. The only way I could go was to my left deeper into the black forest.

I hiked for what seemed to be hours not knowing what direction I was headed. I could only go where the shrubbery was sparcest. I could not see the sky at all through the canopy of trees. There was barely enough light to see five feet in front of me. The feeling was some what clostrophobic until…until the shrubbery ended…

At this point the forest floor was virtuly clean. I hiked for about three miles when I came up a small crest and over it was light! When my eyes finally adjusted I saw what looked like people.

Cautiously I entered the “camp”. It appeared I was interrupting some kind of ritualistic dance. When the light illuminated their faces I was shocked. They had animal-like faces-they looked like upright walking bears. When they noticed me the rythmic bongo drums stopped and all heads were turned toward me.


“Human!” they yelled back at me The three foot tall little creatures all fell face down on the ground and one that was four feet  remained standing and approached me

“You have come,” he said to me.

“Where am I? As a matter of fact, how did I get here?” I asked suddenly realizing I couldn’t remember where I was before the long hall-in fact I could not remember anything before the hall.

“We were hoping you would know how you got here. You are in the Woods of Teraki. We had sent a Sentooki messanger to a far away land to find Human. Human is the only one who can save us from the Gorthwamp. And now you have come but the Sentooki messanger has not come back.”

“What is a Sentooki?”

“We are the Sentookis,”

“What  is a Garf-wump?”

“The Gorthwamp is evil. Its only desire is to destroy all life,”

“And I’m saposed to kill it? I don’t even know what  it  looks  like!”

“It can best be described as darkness…” the “cheif” replied.

“Where am I sapposed to find this thing? I don’t even know where–where am I from?”

“I do not know,”

At that point there was a shuffel in the distant trees and all heads were turned that way. A figure appeared and all the Sentookis burst  into cheer.

“What? What?” I asked in bewilderment.

The cheif looked at me and exclaimed,”The messanger has returned!!” The messanger came up close and now a bruised and battered Sentooki stood before us. The messanger looked at me and exclaimed, “HUMAN!”

“How did you summon him?” asked the “cheif”.

“I traveled many unknown lands. Far far away I  found the Palace of Peace and within it’s great structure I found the pool of Planet Gazer. I was able to cause Human to slip into our dimension by sending our urgent message to him in a dream,” replied the messenger.

“So where did I come from?”

“You are from the planet called Earth. It  is not in this dimension.”

“So after I kill this Garfwump can I go back to where I’m from?”

“I’m not sure how to do that, but I think that once the Gorthwamp is destroyed the ancient  Interdimensional Portal will be reopened as it was thousands of years ago. If so we will be able to travel through all of God’s creation as our ancestors did,” answered the messenger.

“God’s creation? Do you guys know the same God as I do? I- I don’t remember anything before I got here except that I believe that God created everything and…”

“Shitah rebelled against God and caused evil to enter the universe So God sent His Son to earth to pay for all the evil things we do. That is why Human is the only one powerful enough to conquer the Gorthwamp- because Human is created in the image of God,”

“Wow…where I’m from, Shitah is called Satan,”

“Well, the Gorthwamp is certainly from Shitah. It kills all life here and causes fear and despairage in all.”

“Well, how do I kill this thing?”

“We do not know. I do know that you will know when the time comes,” replied the messenger.

“What’s to keep this thing from destroying me?” I asked.

“Do not let it temp you. With beings here it simply swallows them into it’s blackness, but  it  can’t do that to Human. The only way it can kill you is to make you do something that will destroy yourself.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“You must go to the mountains of Kandora in Androix. You must destroy the Gorthwamp there, because if it is destroyed any closer to us it may destroy us also.” instructed the messanger.

“So basically I have to get this thing to follow me there and then kill it there?”


The next day the Sentookis made me a haversack  full of fruits from the Woods of Teraki. They pointed me in the right direction and as simple as that I was off. With a very unsure feeling I hiked through the forest   and decended until noon that  day. The forest thinned out   and it began to rain. I sat on a big rock under what looked like a pine tree. I got  some fruits out of my sack  and bit into one. It was incredibly delicious.

I noticed the Sentookis put a map in my sack. I pulled it out a studied it.  From the map I could tell the journey was a lot longer than I thought. I would be crossing several mountain ranges and the way I could recognize the Kandora mountains was by their sheer size and strange red color.

To my total surprise, the rock I sat on moved and I fell off.

“Excuse me, boy, could you please sit on a rock instead of me?”

With my voice quivering I said “I-I thought you  were a rock!”

“Look kid, you either think you’re a comedian or you were born yesterday?”

“Well I….,” I picked up my stuff and continued North East.

By the time the sun went  down I was exausted. I looked for a place to lay down but I was afraid to lay on the forest floor. I looked up and noticed that some these trees had gigantic leaves. I climbed up the trunk of one and tugged on the leaf. The rain had stopped but the leaf poured out water. Although it flexed it was very sturdy. I climbed on to the leaf and layed on it. It was actually pretty comfortable.

I looked up in the sky and saw the bright moon and laughed when I saw a second moon not far from it and reddish in color. It was so cool to see two moons, but I didn’t know why  it  impressed me-I couldn’t remember anything other than this. The moons  lit the treetops.  I closed my eyes and listened to the abundant forest life. So many sounds they all sounded familiar but I didn’t know what any of them were. None of  the  sounds sonded in the least bit threatening.

I decided to  add  my own sound and started whistling a tune. I wondered where I got the tune. I had the distinct feeling that  it was a song t hat praised God. I whistled until I fell asleep.


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