by Josh Anderson, Aaron Sheley & Luke Tucker

Man Hurls Lawn Mower at Neighbors

“Hey idiot! Mow the other way!” yelled Roy Munsterman the day after he got out of jail at Kerry Keil.

“Hey that’s what I told you but you didn’t listen to me!” Keil

“Just cooperate!” Munsterman

“What are you gonna do? Throw a lawn mower at me?!” Keil said as he heaved his own running lawn mower at Munsterman.He missed and hit an old lady on the side walk. It buzzed the top of her head.

“Dang wind!” yelled Keil.

“I decided to stop throwing lawn mowers at people but now you’ve done it!” Munsterman ran in to his garage and came out with a Troy-Built Chipper-Back Mower. He threw it at Keil but missed and chopped off the old lady’s foot. Keil fetched his weed eater, hurled the fence and began chasing Munsterman around the yard. Munsterman, not to be outdone, retrieved his electric hedge clippers and threw them at Keil but missed and hit the old lady in the head, it bounced off the old lady’s head and smashed through the windshield of Keil’s Ferrari.


“Sure you are!” said Munsterman to Keil.

“I didn’t say anything!!” yelled Keil.

They both looked over to a bold onefooted bloody old lady with a tractor in her hand. She hurled the tractor and crushed them both.


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