The A File

(91 or 92?)

Daniel Foley 7-5-87

This is the A File. This file will consist of my eye-witness accounts of paranormal activity. My brother John and I have recently become agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We have split into two teams to investigate the disappearance of our brother, Ricky.

These two teams are as follows: My girlfriend, Jennifer Araviss and me as one team and John and Natasha C. Schwartz  (his girlfriend).

From now on, this will be a log of events of this case until, until Ricky is found.


Today I found an important lead in the case. The last time we saw Ricky was the 5th, he John and I had a temporary job cleaning up a Rec. hall that had previously held a 4th of July party. We had been working late into the night and we were very tired. When Ricky left to go to his apartment, that was the last time anyone had ever seen him.

Today Jennifer and I were investigating the ball room at the Rec. hall when we found a scarce trail of blood leading to Ricky’s wallet in the alley. Jennifer also found his car keys which suggests that Ricky hadn’t been beat up for his car.

Such a suggestion is radical anyway. John, Ricky and I have been trained in the elite Delta Force and S.E.A.L.S. We could also be considered experts in the fields of Martial Arts, wrestling and boxing. To add to this, we have all had four years of college and 4.0 G.P.A. through all of our schooling.


What do you think??

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