The Antidamnation Society (8-16-1996)

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 4.57.20 PM“Hold it right there!…Slowly put your hands in the air and turn around!”

I turned around in my swivel chair to see Shane! Shane was pointing a 9mm right between my eyes!

“Y’know, I suspected it from the beginning… a Judas. Someone in the core of the group turning on us! But the funny thing is I never expected it to be you, Josh. No- maybe Ted with his delusions of ruling the world,” he chuckled at that “but not you.”

“S-Shane…what are you talking about?” I nearly whispered.

“Don’t play that game, Josh. The phone tapes. Great idea-’till ya start usin’ ’em on your own friends!”

“Please let me explain…” I waited for an affirmative.


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