The Darkest Night

(2005, 06, or 07?)

Ray looked around the shipping and receiving room to try and rest his eyes from the monotonous task that was his job. The fluorescent lights gave the needed light but nevertheless left the place dark looking. Ray always wondered why this room couldn’t have any windows and why it seemed to be unheated all the time. He thought about lodging a complaint with his supervisor, Bill, but decided not to because Bill was a jerk and also because he knew Bill would ignore his request on the count of Ray being the only person that worked in that room, even that wing of the building.

This winter seemed colder than ever – Ray never even removed his winter coat during the day. His fingers were numb as he passed papers from his inbox, stamped them and stacked them in the outbox. Ten hours a day, 6 days a week. His thoughts seemed to go in circles. He kept thinking of last year – when he had an office job in a nice building with friendly co-workers. That was before his parents were killed when Ray rolled their SUV. It was a patch of black ice – no one could have seen it. Yet Ray continued to blame himself.

Shortly after, as if a slap in the face, he was fired from Omnicore. He was falsely accused of stealing from the company. Everyone he knew worked there and so losing his job meant losing his friends too.

Losing his job at Omnicore also meant finding a cheaper place to live. So he bade his 2 roommates farewell and found the only place he could afford with the job at Burtec.

The new apartment was a dump. It was in the bad part of town right next to the train tracks. It was old and the landlord barely paid attention to it.


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