The Karate Kids (the first Karate Kids story)1988

by Josh Anderson

(1988 or 89)

Chapter 1 –  The Karate Babies

One day [there was] a family named the Green’s and they lived in an apartment in the city. That day John, Daniel, Ricky and Christine’s mom and dad left to go shopping and they left John, Daniel, Ricky, and Christine home. John, Daniel, Ricky and Christine were babies – their mom and dad left them home because they knew that the kids knew karate. John was 1, Daniel was 2, Ricky was 3 and Christine was 1 and a half. While their mom and dad were gone, the kids heard a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it,” said Ricky.

“O.K.!” said Christine.

Ricky opened the door. A man came in.

“Hello,” said the man, “You must be the Green’s kids.”

“Yes we are,” said Daniel.

“Well, your mom and dad were killed,” said the man.

“What!” said John astonished.

The man said “Well, that’s the bad news but the good news is that each of you get one hundred dollars, OK? Now I leave, so good bye kids,” said the man. Then the man left. A few minutes later, the Karate Kids heard another knock.

“I’ll get it,” said Ricky. Ricky opened the door and suddenly he was punched and he fell to the ground. Daniel ran to the door with John as Christine stayed in the corner shivering. John and Daniel punched the man back the man was even more mad he came in a Ricky got up, Ricky ran to the elevator.

“Come on,” said Ricky to John, Daniel and Christine. All of the Karate Kids ran into the elevator and the doors shut. The bad man was still upstairs.

“That man tried to kill us,” said Christine.

The elevator doors opened and the kids ran out and went to the clerk and told her that a man tried to kill them.

“One at a time, one at a time,” said the clerk. The lady called the cops, the cops took the man away.

The Karate Kids went back to their apartment. John said, “We need to pack up and leave.”

“Yeah,” said Ricky. So they packed up.

“Where can we go?” said Christine.

“No problem,” said Daniel, “Way out to the desert.”

“Are you crazy?” said Ricky.

“No!” said Daniel eating an orange.

“Hey,” said John, “He’s not crazy- he’s a genius! Going out to the desert will be great, because we will have all the room we need or want!”

‘Well maybe John and Daniel have a point,’ thought Ricky. Christine thought it was a great idea.

“OK,” said Ricky. So they journeyed to the desert-it was a long journey but they succeeded. But by that time they were older. John was 6, Daniel was 7, Ricky was 8, an d Christine was 6 and a half. They reached Death Valley they climbed rocks and over big hills a few years past they were older even. John was 9, Daniel was 10, Ricky was 11 and Christine was 9 and a half. They found a hill and they liked it and they named it The Karate Kid Hill. And after a while they dug a hole in it and they put hay in the hole. John always woke up at 4:50, Daniel, Ricky and Christine woke up at 5:00 that was nothing big except that John always went hunting for ten minutes. When he came back Ricky, Daniel and Christine woke up.

In Death Valley, the Karate Kids built a house. One day some workers came into the desert their company was named WP for Working Progress. They started to build a house. One of the workers came to the door.

Knock knock. “I’ll get it!” said Daniel.

“No, I’ll get it!” said Ricky.

“OK,” said Daniel. ‘Door hog,’ thought Daniel.

Ricky opened the door. A big strong guy came in. “Could you get out of this house?” said the man.

“No!” said Ricky

“I said get out of this house!” said the man.

“NO!” said Daniel.

“NO!” said John. Christine did not say no because she went to the city to get some food. The big man came into the house.

“You asked for it!” said the man. The man went away. They wanted the Karate Kids to get out because the WP was building someone’s house and they wanted lots of property. So that’s why they wanted the Karate Kids to move.

John, Daniel and Ricky were watching TV when they heard Ricky say, “Whoa!” Immediately Daniel and John ran into the room that Ricky was in.

“Help!” said Ricky. Daniel and John helped him. What he was doing is he was trying to push a shovel back outside that had just bulled through the wall. And they pushed the shovel back out. And suddenly a big hook busted though the roof. Daniel grabbed the hook and pulled as hard as he could. He pulled the hook down.

“Whew!” said Daniel. And a little bit later the Karate Kids heard the door bell.

“I’ll get it!” said Ricky.

“DOOR HOG!” Daniel said in a loud voice. Ricky opened the door.

“We told you to get out!” said a whole bunch of WP Workers. The workers came in. The Karate Kids and the workers got into a big talk.

Chapter 2 – The 1st Workers

While the workers and the Karate Kids were talking, a big bad storm cooked up outside.

“It looks like there is going to be a bad storm outside,” said John. After a few minutes the storm was real bad and it was night time the workers had to go to bed but the storm was too bad for them to get home.

“Can we stay here to sleep?” said one of the workers.

“Yes,” said Daniel.

“No,” said Ricky.

“Yes,” said John.

“OK Ricky said. So the workers went to sleep.

“It looks like the house that the workers built is falling down, Ricky and John,” said Daniel.

“Let’s go build the house back up,” said John.

“Ya,” said Daniel.

“OK,” said Ricky.

So Ricky, Daniel and John went to the house and as they went, the rain flooded the desert and the flood was getting deeper and deeper. John was the youngest and the shortest, so you know what that means. John was about to drown, but the Karate Kids got the house built  the water was still rising they ran back to their house.

“Help!” called John.

“Oh no!” said Daniel “John’s drowning, Ricky help me save John,” said Daniel.

The Karate Kids put on oxygen masks. John accidentally let go of his oxygen mask and Daniel gave John his oxygen mask because he was the tallest. But the water was still rising and it got up to Daniel’s chin but for a long time the water stopped rising and then it started lowering.

“Good! It’s lowering!” said Daniel. By that time they were in their house the workers were floating on their sleeping bags. The storm was stopping rapidly. And all the water was gone.

“You house fell down last night and we built it back up,” said John

“Hey, those kids saved us,” said one of the workers.

“Ya,” said another worker.

“Maybe we should not make them move,” said another worker.

“Good idea!” said another worker.

So after all the Karate Kids did not have to move.

“And if these kids did not give us those sleeping bags we probably would of drowned,’ said one of the workers. The Karate Kids told the workers good bye. The workers were now the Karate Kid’s friends.

A few days later while the Karate Kids were watching TV they heard the door bell ring.

“I’ll get it,” said Ricky.

“BOY WHAT A DOOR HOG!” Daniel hollered. Ricky opened he door.

“Hi,” said a man looking like Peewee Herman.

“I work for C.W., it stands for Candy Land’s Workers,” said the man.

“So!” said Daniel stepping in front of Ricky.

“We want you to move!”

“Not again!” said John.

“What do you mean?” said the man.

“We mean that every time we turn around someone wants us to move,” all of the Karate Kids said.

After a moments hesitation the man said “Here, keep this contract, OK?” The Karate Kids looked at the contract. It said:

GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE NOW. Fill out here Yes __ No__.

“No we will not get out of our house,” said Ricky. Then John took the contract and ripped it into real tiny bits and put it in a pile and gave it back to the man. The man went away. All of the sudden the Karate Kids felt a rumble under the floor.

“Whoa!” said Daniel and Ricky as they fell through the floor.

“John, help us,” said Ricky.

“No, don’t help,” said Daniel “Come down with us.”

“OK,” said John.

It was real muddy down there from the storm. Ricky had found the man that gave them the contract and he punched the man until he punched him through the wall. After that, the man was gone.

“Whew!” said John.

“What’s going on?” said Daniel, “I feel foot steps up there.”

“So do I.” Said Ricky.

“We better get up there and see what’s going on,” said John. So they climbed out from under the house.

“I knew there was somebody up here,” said Daniel.

“What gave you the hint that you were right?” said Ricky.

“Well I hear someone in out best room,” said Daniel with a big grin.

“Nobody goes into our best room,” said Ricky.

“Let’s get ’em,” said John in a funny voice.

The Karate Kids went into the room. Suddenly Daniel saw the men talking and laughing and he kicked at them. His leg went right through the man.

Chapter 3 – The Second Workers

“These men are holographic images!” said Daniel.

“But what were those foot steps we felt up here when we were down there?” said John.

“Hey,” said Ricky, “Look at those feet poles of ours,” and suddenly a moment Ricky said, “They probably stepped on the floor with those.”

“But how did they walk up here like that?” said John.

“Hey look, there are remote controls on them and maybe they made them walk with the remote controls,” said Daniel.

“Ya,” said Ricky. So the Karate Kids smashed the remote controls.

Then suddenly a real big tractor shovel busted through the wall.

“OH not again!!!!” said John. Daniel did not notice the shovel yet, and then Daniel turned his head, and one of the shovel’s teeth hit Daniel on the forehead and made Daniel fall with a dent in his head. Then John rammed his hand through the shovel and Ricky rammed his elbow through the shovel.

“Daniel, are you alright?” said Ricky and John.

“Ya I guess, ya, I’m alright,” said Daniel. The Karate Kids got up.

“Well, let’s push this shovel back through the wall,” said Daniel kind of dazed. So they pushed as hard as they could and they got it back through the wall.

Suddenly all lights went out.

“That couldn’t have been the lights just going out because all of them went out!” said John.

“Let’s check it out,” said Ricky.

“Hey, someone messed with the light fixture,” said Daniel.

“Well let’s go get some tools,” said Ricky. When they went to get tools, a fire started from the light fixture’s mess up.

“Oh no, a fire!!!!!” said Ricky.

“Let’s put down these tools and get something to cool out this fire!” said Daniel. The Karate Kids went to get the extinguishers but they could not find any.

“What are we going to do? There are no fire extinguishers anywhere!” said John.

“He’s right!” said Ricky.

“Oh no, our house, it burnt down,” said Daniel slowly. Through the smoke, the Karate Kids could see their house burnt down to the ground.

“Now I’m mad!” said Ricky.

“I’m mad too!” said Daniel and John.

“We’re going to kill those workers!” said Daniel.

“But how?” said John.

“I know,” said Daniel in a mean ruffley voice.

“What?” said Ricky.

“Easy, we just um….um…um….I think we could just build some warrior trucks, so does it sound good?” said Daniel.

“Oh I guess you’ve got a point, we’ll do it!” said Ricky.

“Yea,” said John.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s do it!” said Daniel.

“But how will we build warrior trucks, I mean there is nothing to build them out of,” said John.

“I know! Our house, the pieces of our house. Don’t you get it? We can take the pieces of our house and build our trucks,” said Daniel.

“Oh I get it!” said John.

“Well, while you try to figure it out, Ricky, I’ll get some water from a cactus,” said Daniel. Then Daniel turned around and John was eating potatoe chips by the gallon.

“But I already get it,” said Ricky. So they built warrior trucks out of the pieces of their house.

“Now we’ll really kill those workers,” said John.

The workers were building a city all this time.

“We will not let those workers build a city, besides the desert is peaceful and they can’t do that to us!” said Daniel.

“These worker revenge warrior trucks are real cool, we ought to be able to kill those workers with these,” said Ricky.

“Well, what did we build them for?” said John.

So they got in their trucks and drove toward the workers.

“Wait , stop let’s go back, the workers will kill us, remember they have cranes and those cranes will smash us,” said Ricky. So they went back.

“I have an idea how to sneak into their camp! We could go under that table and cut into the tent!”

“Ya let’s do it!” said Ricky. So they went to the outside table it had a tent over roof like thing on top so the sun would not get onto the workers. So then they went to the table and they snuck under the table.

“OK, listen, I’ve got an idea,” said Daniel.

“No, I’ve got an idea,” said Ricky.

“No way, I’ve got the best idea,” said John. And they got into a big argument and fight. And Ricky then got mad and punched Daniel and Daniel’s head busted through the table.

“What? Who are you?” hollered one of the workers.

“Ha I’m ah…ah…ah…” Daniel said.

Then Ricky said, “Tell them that you are one of them, hey here is one of their tags, put it on,” said Ricky.

Chapter 4– The Karate Kids Get Into the Tent

Just then when Daniel busted through the table one of the workers were having a birthday and Daniel busted right through the birthday cake. Then Ricky gave Daniel a worker tag and Daniel put it on.

“I’m one of  you,” Daniel said.

“But what are you doing under the table, and what is your name?” said a worker.

“Well, my name?” Then Daniel looked down at the name tag it said George. “Well my name is George,” Daniel said.

“But still, why were  you under there?” said a worker.

“Ah…ah…well -” said Daniel.

Then Ricky said “Say that you were looking for your wrench!”

“Ah well I lost my wrench,” Daniel said.

“Oh well then you’ve got to get back to work, George,” said a worker.

“I I sir,” said Daniel, “Bye,” Daniel said. Then Daniel went back under the table.

“Come on Daniel, I’ve got a plan,” Ricky said.

“After that argument!” Daniel shouted quietly.

“Yes after that, now stop arguing with me and come on!” Ricky shouted quietly. So they went further under the table until they came to the tent. They took their pocket knives and cut a hole in the tent large enough for them to crawl through. This tent was not a camping tent, it was a supply tent for the workers it was bigger than a camping tent.

“Hey this tent has machine guns,” said John.

“And also knives and different guns,” Daniel added. So they went farther into the tent and suddenly the door opened a worker came in.

“What are you doing?” the Karate Kids heard a worker ask.

“I’m getting my toolbox,” the worker replied.

“Hide!” Daniel said in a loud whisper. Then Daniel jumped over a latter one of those new kinds that bends so Daniel looked like the latter in the dark and Ricky bent himself  so he looked like a bent hose by the wall John ran and stood behind a sheet of wall paper. The worker got his toolbox and left.

“Close call,” Daniel said.

They got out of their hiding spots and Ricky said, “Get all of the weapons that you can and then let’s leave!” So the Karate Kids got all of the weapons that they could. Ricky grabbed two machine guns Daniel grabbed two big shot guns John grabbed two big missile launchers.

“Hmmm. I wonder why these weapons are in here,” John said.

“We had better get out of here,” said Daniel. Then the Karate Kids carried the weapons out of the tent.

“Let’s don’t get into another argument!” said Ricky.

When they got out from under the table one worker saw them. John tripped on a rock and fell and triggered the missile launcher and blew up the whole place.

“Whoa,” said Ricky.

“Whew,” said John.

“Let’s go back home and get in out warrior truck and blow up the rest of the workers,” said Daniel. So they went to their house.

“Let’s go,” said John. And then John accidentally pulled the trigger and the missile went right on to the truck and blew them up.

“Oh no,” said John. “I blew the trucks up!”

“Oh no,” said Daniel.

“Now what?” said Ricky.

“I know,” said John. “We could use these weapons to get rid of the others.”

“Ya!” said Daniel. Then they went back to the other workers.

“This is the CW!” said a worker.

“So what?” said Ricky. Then Ricky whispered to John “Shoot.”

“What?” said John.

“Shoot!” said Ricky.

“Oh!” Then John shot the missile launcher right through the man and on the rest of the workers and blew them up.

“Good job John!” said Daniel.

“I guess we’re through with the CW,” said Ricky.

“Well our house is burnt down and our trucks are gone so all we have is our weapons,” said Daniel.

“I think it’s getting hotter every day,” said Ricky. “I think I want to move from the desert,” said Ricky.

“Ya,” said John.

“Me too,” said Daniel.

So the Karate Kids went somewhere where it was cooler.

“It sure is cooler here back in New York where we were born,” said John.

“Hey guys, let’s go check out the old apartment where we used to live,” said Daniel.

“Wait, we can’t go in there with these weapons,” said John.

“Or without Christine,” said Ricky.

“We don’t need these weapons anyway, so we?” said John.

“No,” said Daniel. So they threw their weapons away. They looked for Christine.

“Hey guys, let’s go look in that store over there for some new clothes,” said John.

“Ya,” said Daniel. When they got to the store they saw nice clothes. Ricky was looking at a nice pair of pants when he bumped into Christine.

Chapter 5 – The Karate Kids Found Christine

“CHRISTINE!” shouted Ricky, John and Daniel.

“I found Christine!” said Ricky. John and Daniel rushed over to them.

“Hi Christine!” said John and Daniel.

“We missed you!” they all shouted.

“Hey Christine, we were going to check out the old apartment,” said John.

“Good idea,” said Christine. So they went to the apartments.

“Hey guys, remember this bed?” said Ricky.

“Nobody has ever been here since we were,” said Daniel.

Knock knock. “Room service.”

“Room service?” said John. Ricky opened the door. And a man punched him.

“That’s the man that punched Ricky when we were babies!” said Christine. Then Ricky got up and kicked the man. The man fell over and John shoved the tray that the man had over him and it shoved the man into the elevator.

“Go shut the elevator doors!” hollered Daniel. The man started to get up when John ran to the elevator pushed the buttons to the highest level and shut the doors.

“Good job John,” Ricky said.

“We got rid of him,” John said.

“Hey guys, it was kind of fun living out in the wilderness, wasn’t it?” said Ricky.

“Ya, I think so too,” said John.

“I didn’t get to much,” said Christine.

“You guys kinda wanta go to the forest?” Daniel said.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I want to go,” said John.

“Well-well me too,” said Ricky.

“Of course I do,” said Christine.

“Hey, wait a minute, we can’t just go out there without anything to survive with,” said Ricky.

“You’re right,” John said.

Then the Karate Kids went to a store where they found the stuff they needed.

John said, “We will probably need big back packs to put all of our stuff in.”

“Ya John, you’re right,” Ricky said.

“We will need lots of stuff to survive like picks, shovels, knives, guns, food, tents, clothes and more,” said Daniel.

“Ya,” said Ricky. Then the Karate Kids went to another store and another and another and on until they got everything they needed and stuff they didn’t really need. Then they journeyed some more. They journeyed until they got to the wilderness.

“Well guys, since it’s night, we should set camp,” said Ricky. The Karates woke up the next morning and ate breakfast.

“This stuff is good,” said Christine. “What is it?” she said.

“It’s snake guts,” said Daniel.

“Ahhhhh!!” shrieked Christine.

Suddenly out of the middle of nowhere came a wildcat.

“Roar!” the cat scared all of the Karates. Christine ran, the cat followed her.

“Ricky, grab the cat’s tail, don’t let him get away,” said Daniel. Ricky ran to the cat and grabbed his tail. Ricky started dragging.

“Help guys!” Ricky hollered. John and Daniel rushed over to the cat and also grabbed his tail. Christine stopped and so did the cat, but the cat started to fight John, Daniel and Ricky.

“UA,” said Daniel. Then Ricky kicked the cat and John punched the cat. Daniel hit the cat and the cat bit John and Daniel bit the cat, the cat bit Daniel. Then Ricky grabbed a log lying in the woods and smacked the cat with all his strength and the cat fell over dead.

“Whew!” they all said.

“Let’s use this cat for food,” said Christine.

“Good idea,” said Ricky.

Suddenly all the Karate Kids heard a weird noise. It sounded like (A-B A-A-BA-ABA)

“What is that sound?” said Daniel.

“I don’t know,” said John. Suddenly up over the hill was a bunch of wild Indians coming toward them.

“Oh no, do you think they are coming to get us?” said Christine.

“I don’t know,” said Ricky. All the sudden before the Karate Kids knew it, they were in a large tank ready to be eaten by some cannibal Indians.

“Oh no, how are we going to get ourselves out of this mess?” said John.

“I don’t know, but right now we had better get out of here,” said Ricky.

“Ya,” said John. The tank was full of soup kind of stuff. The Karate Kids struggled to get out of the tank. There were Indians all over the place singing a weird song. Ricky, John and Daniel jumped out of the tank but Christine could not get out.

“Help!” hollered Christine. But John, Daniel and Ricky could not get out of some Indians hands that had grabbed them. The Indians. John, Ricky and Daniel were put in an India jail.

“I can’t get out of this!” said Christine.

“We cannot help you, Christine!” shouted Ricky. Soon it was morning John, Daniel and Ricky wanted to know what happened to Christine.

“We’ve got to get out of this jail,” said Daniel.

“Guys, our backpacks are over there, if we could get some of that bamboo we might be able to reach our backpacks with it,” said Ricky. So John, Daniel and Ricky tried to do Ricky’s plan and it worked!

“Hey guys! Now that we have our backpacks we can use our machetes out of them and cut the wooden jail posts,” said Ricky.

“Good idea,” said John. They got their machetes and cut the posts.

Chapter 6 – Christine’s Dead

“Let’s go check out Christine,” said Ricky. John, Daniel and Ricky went up to the pot (snuck up to the pot) and looked in.

“Christine’s not there!” shouted Ricky.

“They must have eaten her,” said Daniel. The three went over to the Indian camp and could not find her. Christine was dead.

“Well, right now while we have out lives, let’s get out of here!” said Daniel. John and Daniel ran, but Ricky sat down and cried.

“Come on Ricky!” said John. “Let’s get out of here,” said John. Then Ricky went with them with their packs.

“Well, now that Christine’s dead, we’re on our own,” said Ricky.

“We have been on our own all along!” said Daniel.

“Guys, I haven’t seen any live food around for miles, have you?” said John.

“No, and we really need food, so we could probably go to the city to get some food,” said Daniel.

“Ya, let’s go!” said John.

“Not so fast,” said Ricky. “You know that we could get our own food out here, don’t you?” he said.

“Ya, but I haven’t seen anything, anywhere!” said John.

“Neither have I,” said Daniel.

“You’re right, we should,” said Ricky.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” said Daniel. “Let’s go,” he said. The Karate Kids hiked back down to New York. When they finally reached it. As Ricky tried to cross the road he almost got ran over by a fire truck.

“Whoa, where’s he going?” shouted Ricky.

“It looks like they’re going to that apartment!” said a strange man.

“Who are you?” said Ricky in astonishment.

“I’m a Truancy Officer. Why aren’t you kids in school?” he said.

“Let’s see some I.D.!” said John.

“Here, look at this and see if you believe me,” he said. The man brought out of his pocket a broad shiny badge.

“OK, now we believe you,” said Ricky.

“You kids come with me, you should be in school,” said the man. The kids got into the man’s van and he took them to a school.

“What’s your name?” said Daniel.

The man said, “I’m Walter P. Jones.” Walter took the kids in the building. Daniel heard them talking over things about school. Suddenly Walter popped out of the room he was in.

“By the way, those fire-trucks were going to our apartment,” said John as they walked down the hall. Before the kids knew it, they were assigned to a desk where they would work during school. Almost nobody likes school and from what the Karate Kids heard about school, neither did they. Everybody that was already in the class laughed at them, as if they were the laughing stock of the class, they didn’t like it. When the day was over they thought about running away but they liked some of the things they did at school, so they stayed.

The next morning they went back to school, they said the pledge and lined up for music. When they got to music, the music teacher said, “Oh now, what do we have here, some new children?”

Soon a kid named Tony stood and shouted, “Yes, they are John, Daniel and Ricky!”

“OK, OK,” said Mrs. Stillford (the music teacher)


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