The Mystery Murder at Egor’s Mansion

(Ghost Story Award Winner)

October 17, 1991

John, 11, Daniel, 12 and Rickey, 13, were hired as junior police in January 1991. It is October 17, 1991 when the phone rings at John’s house.

“Hi, John, this is Chief Sheperd. There has been a murder at that, a- Egor’s Mansion. But…”

“Ya, I know whatch’ mean, the house has been abandoned since the 1800’s!”

“I want you, Daniel and Ricky to investigate.” With that, John quickly hung up the phone, and picked it back up and dialed up Daniel and Ricky. Both the other boys had caught on and met John at the Denver City Park on their bikes.

“O.K., you all know what Chief Sheperd said, let’s go investigate!” cried John. The kids hopped on to their bikes and hurried to the mansion. When they got there, they saw another house off to the side, where the murder was probably reported. They proceeded into the mansion. To their surprise they saw the murder victim lying by the window. Trembling, they heard a tape recording that must have been triggered by them opening the door. It said “Get out of the house NOW!” Daniel quickly took a glance at his watch, 8:00.

“Don’t listen to it, we must find the murderer!” snapped Ricky. The house was old and eerie, but that didn’t bother the boys.

“Guys, we’re going to have to split-up,” said Daniel.

“Good idea!” John said. In the house there was an up-stairs, a main floor and a basement. Daniel went up-stairs, Ricky stayed on the main floor, and John went downstairs. Daniel saw some clothes at the top of the stairs with a message written on them. “Help…” read Daniel. He went on into the bathroom, nothing. He looked in a bedroom, nothing.

Meanwhile Ricky was in the kitchen, he checked all the places he could think of for clues. John checked all downstairs and found nothing. Ricky and John ran upstairs when they hears Daniel’s yelling: “Guys, come up here!” When they got upstairs, they found Daniel standing by a closet opened, on the inside of the closet door was a note pinned up by a bloody knife. It said “Where I am has to do with a dark place full of bottles of wine.”

“Sounds like a cellar to me!” exclaimed Ricky.

“You’re not the only one who thinks that!” said John.

“Let’s look for the cellar in the basement,” commented Daniel.

On their way down John said, “When I was down here a while ago I saw a door, I didn’t get a chance too look in it because you called, Daniel. It had steam coming out from under it.”

“Well, that’s where we’ll be checking first!” exclaimed Ricky. By now the three were down in the basement.

John stepped forward and opened the door. Suddenly out of the dark came a huge figure, glowing like the sun bouncing off the snow.

“A ghost!” shouted all three at once. At that moment they all knew he was the murderer because of blood stains all over him. The ghost chased them upstairs to the main floor and out the door. They hopped on to their bikes and rode to the Police station where they told chief Sheperd about everything that had happened.

The next day was a busy one. John, Daniel and Ricky were awarded a medal for bravery.

“Well guys, should we call the Ghost Busters?!” Daniel joked. Later that day the three went to the library to check out some books. There was one book that was very interesting to Daniel: “The Almanac of Ghost Stories” Daniel flipped the page where there was a table of contents, he read on: “Ah, here it is, The Ghost Murderer, page 213,” Daniel quickly flipped to it. “This ghost is dangerous and should be left alone. This ghost was first found out about in 1820 when a particular house was built on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado.”

The End


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