Unforgiving Memories

a J House Pictures production

concept by Benson Broyles

screenplay by Josh Anderson


Javier-Psycho Killer

Benson Broyles

Spud-Fun loving, comic relief

Craig White

Matt-Jock with girlfriend

Wes Anderson

Lisa-Matt’s girlfriend

Rebecca Lesman

Michelle-Nice girl who accepts Javier

Paula Swihart

Cliff-Laid back dude that tries to explain away everything

Josh Anderson

Act I

Introduction (credits)

Black background with small squares showing extreme close ups of murderer’s mask, knife, coat, etc. ((First song on Exile Soundtrack)) Credits slide in from sides. Black fades into scene one.

Scene One

Fade into school setting(Or mall?). Subtitle “2 Years Ago” ((Loud music like MxPx)) Camera is going through a multitude of students and then as we approach a group of students the music quiets and we hear their conversation. Camera is in a constant circling motion around whichever character is speaking.

Spud “Dude, Jason is way scarier than Freddie Cougar! That mask is just-”

-really getting into the conversation

Cliff “Forget Freddie, the real scary characters are the ones you never quite see through out the movie”

-with sort of a ‘know-it-all’ air

Michelle “You guys and your stupid scary movies! None of them are scary because they’re ALL so fake! You know what’s really scary? When you hear about stuff that REALLY happens.”

Spud “Real stuff is just never that crazy. I mean, you hear about them finding a dead body or whatever, but the dead body…the….” *notices Javier listening in on their conversation* “Can we help you?”

Javier “No….I mean, well, you guys were talkin’ about scary movies and stuff and I like scary movies. Thas all.”  *shyly turns away*

Cliff “Uhh…”

Michelle (Showing a little interest to  Javier) “But do movies really scary you?”

Javier (Noticing she cares, he looks to her) “No, not really. I agree with you, it’s only scary when things really happen.”

Cliff “Well guys, as much as I’d like to argue about this, I need to run, so I’ll see you tonight at [the water hole]” *starts to leave*

Michelle (Extends a hand to Javier) “I’m Michelle,”

Javier “Javier”

Michelle “Javier, would you like to hang out with us at [the water hole] tonight? We’re just going to hang out and stuff.”

Javier “Sure, I would like that,”

Spud and Cliff look annoyed

Spud “Wait, we’re a club, Guavo here can’t just come hang out, he has to be in the club,”

Michelle “Spud, don’t be a jerk-” *cut short by Cliff*

Cliff “No, Spud’s right, Javier has to be in the club to go to [the water hole]. But if he really wants to come with us, he can go through initiation” *evil smile creeps up on Cliff’s face*

Javier (reluctantly) “OK, whatever. I can do initiation” -looks at Cliff, then Spud with a challenging eye, then to Michelle.

-Fade to black

Scene Two

Matt catches a football from Cliff-close up shot of his hands catching the ball and directly after the sound of the ball the ((Party Music, maybe hip hop)) cuts in. Then the camera pulls out as Cliff throws to Spud. We’re at [the water hole] People are acting crazy, telling stories, drinking. We cut over to Michelle and (Lisa?) in the middle of a conversation.

Michelle “-we were at my parents cabin and I felt a cold chill and a window slammed shut

Lisa? “You goof! *laugh* That was the wind! The wind blew in…” Pan over to Matt.

Matt “Hey Spud, go deep!” (Shot of Spud’s feet running over the rocky ground)

-Shot of Matt throwing a long ball, then a shot of it going over Spud’s head. Spud grunts as he reaches for it.

-Then a sudden close up shot of the ball being caught.((Right then the music stops))  Then the camera pans up and zooms out a little, we see it’s Javier. Quick shots of Cliff, Spud and Matt with slightly surprised looks on their faces.

Cliff *mumbles* “Where’d he come from?”

-shot of Javier walking up to them

-shot of the girls noticing something’s afoot

Spud “Well well, look who decided to join us, Guavo!”

Javier “Javier” no right up with them.

Cliff noticing the stop in action “So, Javier, are you ready for the test?”

Javier “Bring it,” -steps toward Cliff with chin lifted up

Matt “All right, all right,” (Matt looks around quickly formulating the first test in his mind. Then points to the fire. “Let’s see you leap over the fire,”

Michelle “Come on you guys this is freakin’ rediculous!”

Lisa “Yeah, what are we in grade sch-” cut off by Cliff

Cliff “With no shoes on,”

-Laughs from Spud and Matt

Javier “Weak” -pulls his shoes off

Michelle “Javier, don’t- it’s OK, really, you can just hang out with us, you don’t need to do this!”

Lisa “No, Michelle, let’s see him do this,”

-all eyes go to Javier as he backs up for a running start

((Wild music starts–P.O.D., Whatever It Takes))

-camera from lowdown looking up and pivots to follow Javier’s run

-then shot from behind fire we see him come flying through the flames

-quick shot of the girls covering their mouths, the guys clapping

((Music quiets))

Javier “Is that the best you can do?” as he walks back toward them and puts his shoes back on

-shot of Matt’s smile dropping off, replaced by a sort of insulted arrogant look

Matt “All right hot shot…” eyes dart back and forth as he thinks of another challenge

-as Spud starts to talk the camera pans over to him

Spud “The Cliff! We’ll have him hang over the rail at cold shivers point!” an evil look in his eyes

Michelle “NO!” she steps in front of the guys

Cliff “Michelle, chill! It’s not really a big deal, all right?”

((Music gets loud again as they all walk toward the cliff))

-different angles of them walking

((Music lowers)) camera circles Cliff

Cliff “O.K., now you have to climb over the rail and then lean back-only holding on with one hand!”

(Javier climbs over the fence. The girls are screaming. The guys are egging him on. Javier cautiously removes one hand from the bar)

((Music fades from loud music to dramatic score))

-Pan to other hand having trouble holding on.

Lisa “OK, that’s good enough,” a look of horror on her face

-Back to the hand and suddenly it slips off

((Music halts))

SLOW MOTION -close up of Javier’s face, eyes big

-Pan to girls screaming then to guys with look of horror on their face.

We see Javier fall into the darkness. For a moment no one can say anything-you could hear a pin drop.

-Pan to Cliff

Cliff “Oh my gosh,”

-Spud leans over and pukes

((Sad music starts))

Matt “We gotta get outta here!” in a shakey voice

-they all run to their cars but Michelle is frozen still and crying

-cliff stops and turns back to her

Cliff “Michelle, let’s GO!”

-we see their vehicles speeding off and fade to black

Act II


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