Untitled by Josh Anderson, Jon Witaker and ???

Johnny Smith woke up one morning with a hang-over and an empty stomach. So wanted a pizza. He went to order a pizza. Then he decided to have a party. So he called up his best friend Slash who had the I.Q. of a rock. Slash was to be the one to order pizza, 5 pizzas for the party. Johnny was too drunk to order, so he invited people over. When Slash arrived with the pizza, Johnny secretly put a cherry bomb under the cheese of the fifth pizza so nobody else would eat it. Then people started arriving. Johnny had just the right amount of beer and pot. Johnny told everyone else not to eat the fifth pizza. This made Slash mad because he thought Johnny wanted it all to himself. While Johnny and the others were getting stoned, Slash snuck off. Time passed and Johnny became hungry so he went to the fifth pizza box. When Johnny opened it he couldn’t believe what he saw! Somebody ate a peice of his pizza!. He almost fainted. As everybody gathered around in disbelief they saw Slash crawling around trying to throw up something. Then they all heard wht sounded like a belch.  An innocent bystander watched Johnny be taken down to nothing. The windows blew. People and body parts flew through windows followed by furniture. Johnny then realized it was no ordinary cherry bomb.

*                                               *                                               *

The next morning Johnny had a hangover and an empty stomach so he decided to order a pizza and call Slash…



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