Untitled Karate Kids story 5

“Hey mom, can I go over to Ricky’s house?” said John. “He’s got to go pick up his new dog and I’m going with him.”

“Ya, I guess, but stay out of trouble.”

“O.K., bye mom.” John was off to meet Daniel and Ricky.

“Hey dudes, ready to go?” asked Ricky.

“Ya,” said Daniel. Soon they were at the pet shop and were paying for the dog.

“I think I will name him Rufus, no, Chilie Bean!” exclaimed Ricky.

“Why Chili Bean?” asked John.

“Well, because I will feed him chili just like you guys feed  your dogs,” replied Ricky. Daniel Ted Jackson and John Ben Murphy already had two dogs each, that’s what made Ricky Kenny Holmes want to buy one too.

“Well, let’s get back in the truck and go home,” said Daniel. The three kids were ages 14, 15, and 15. They had special permission to drive because of proof of talent in driving. This truck was no ordinary truck, John, Ricky and Daniel were passing grades because they were so smart, they fixed up their truck with computers, smoke stacks and lots and lots of other stuff.


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