Untitled Karate Kids Story2

The day was just right for exploring. I mean it wasn’t too hot or too cool. We had been out here in the middle of nowhere since 10:00 a.m. and now it was about 3:00 p.m. The only interesting thing that had happened was some wire Ricky had found coming out of the ground.

“Why don’t we go an’ get somethin’ ta’ dig with so we can find out where this stuff is comin’ from?” John asked studying the wire.

“Good idea, I have some shovels an’ stuff we can use!” I went home and got a shovel  and a chipper my dad had made before he mysteriously disappeared in ’79, I was 4 then. Well anyway I brought the things back and we carried on.

“What th’ heck is that, Daniel?” I looked around to see what he was talking about, then I realized Ricky was talking about the chipper.

“Here,” he said looking up at me from where he was digging. Without thinking about it, I tossed it over to him. John and I usually did what Ricky asked, we did it when we were little because Ricky was bigger than us then but now we were all about the same size.

“Ut-oh guys, rock,” I said, the wire led into a drilled hole.

“Well I see a crack that we could stick the chipper in and wedge,” I commented.

“Dang it,” said John looking at his watch, “doesn’t it seem like it was 3 a minute ago?”

“What? It’s already 8 an’ we didn’t even notice it was getting dark!” John was always getting “P. O. ed” at how fast time goes by, but so do I, I just don’t say much about it.

“Well then I gotta get somethin’ ta’ eat,” Ricky said just as surprised about the time as me & John. By the way my mother was gone too, she was killed while we all lived in South Central L.A. John’s parents were killed in a car wreck and Ricky’s parents slid off a mountain side while mountain climbing.

We came out the next mourning with all our shovels and stuff. Ricky was in a bad mood for some reason.

“Somebody help me here!” said John, I got up and to my surprise John had a rock wedged up with the chipper. We grunted and sweated and finally we lifted a rock that must have been about 500 pounds.

“What’s the matter, Ricky?” inquired John.

“Jus’ leave me alone!” I knew Ricky was really “P. O. ed”  because he never hollered at me & John unless he was mad. I went over to Ricky.

“Come on Ricky, we’re your buddies, you can tell us!” Suddenly Ricky hauled off and punched me in the cheek, man Ricky was mad!

“Sorry, Daniel, I…” He ran off out of sight. John tried to chase after him but I grabbed his arm.

“Well, you and me can dig by ourselves,” John said looking like he didn’t mean it.

John and I were still following the wire. We dug up some more heavy rock. Finally we got down to where the wire ended. It led to an old stick of dynamite.

“Hey lookit John, it’s dynamite!” I said even though we both knew what it was since John dug up that huge rock.

“Hey Daniel, it’s Ricky!” John said excitedly.

“Ricky, I-,”

“Shut up, Daniel, let me talk, man I’m sorry, you were right, you guys are my best buddies, an’ I really should tell you why I’m in a bad mood, well ya see, do you guys remember when we had to go to those counselors r’ whatever, when our parents died and how they said it would be alright if we lived on our own since we were all pretty old?”

“Ya,” John and I both said at the same time.

“Well the dweebs wanna split us up ’cause uh that time I got myself drunk an’ ran th’ car into a ditch and they think I would be a bad influence on you guys!”

“Ah man, that? They said that was O.K. don’t do it again!” exclaimed John.

“That’s O.K.,” I quoted them sarcastically. Now me and John were in a bad mood too. We finally got all the dynamite we were going to get out here.

“Hey guys, see that house over on that hill?”

“Uh huh,” John said.

“Ya wanna spend the night up there so those people can’t find us?” said Ricky. John, Ricky and I all lived in the same house together and those people, the state I guess, knew where we lived.

“Ya, I guess that’s all we can do,” said John. So that night we went up there, the house looked a little different up close. Kinda spooky. The door creaked a little when I opened it.

Cough. There’s more cob web in here than I’ve seen all my life!” said Ricky.

“You guys wann check this place out like I do?” I asked.

“Sure,” said Ricky sleepily. We walked up a flight of stairs to the top floor.

Suddenly John shrieked in horror, “Ahhhhh, it’s -!” we turned and saw a skinned man hanging from the roof.

“Gosh – wait, there’s a note on him or her!” I said looking at the body.

“I’ll read it,” volunteered Ricky. “It says, uh, watch out -,” he paused and swallowed, “John, Daniel and Ricky!” As soon as Ricky read that I could feel Ricky’s punch in my face. I went to read the note myself.

“Somebody knows we’re here, somehow, this is weird!” noted John.

“Why would they want us?” I asked.

“Guys, I think we better get outta here!” Ricky warned. We all rushed out of the house and back to our house.

“This is so -,” John was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Hi, come in,” greeted Ricky, it was the people from the state.

“Hi kids,” I could see John’s face turn mean. “Where have you been all day? This is our third try at your house,” a tall guy said.

“Just out,” Ricky said calmly.

“Well we’re here to tell you we got Ricky’s criminal record mixed up with some other guy’s,” the tall guy said. “Our point is, we won’t have to split you guys up


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