Dreams 9-11-05 to 8-10-08

9-11-05 It was Halloween and there kids all over the streets all dressed up. Me and a couple of friends (I think we were dressed up too) were longboarding around. It seems like we were involved in some mischief.

Then at some restaurant some of the members of Restoftomorrow were going to play but Josh Roseberry (the lead singer wasn’t there) So I picked up the mic and started singing/screaming the way their style is. Somehow I was doing really good and everyone was blown away. Then Josh Roseberry showed up and he was drunk and he was like “Whoa! Were you just making up words? That was awesome!” And then I stepped down and let them do their usual thing.

9-12-05 This dream was kind of like I was watching a movie, yet it was like I was the little old lady. In some “project” in some city was this ultra poor area. The houses really were nothing more than little wooden shacks. In this one shack lived a little 60 or 70 year old black woman and her husband. The husband was a small man and a drunk. He was lazy and unappreciative of the little old lady. All he ever did was yell at her. The little lady was kind and hard working and in old age and wisdom she just endured living with him…almost like she was in a prison. This one night at about dusk, the old man was piss drunk and yelling at her and then he passed out on their tiny sofa. She stepped out the back door of the weather beaten shack into a 10 foot by 10 foot dirt area that was their “back yard.” Their fence was a 6 foot high mess of chicken wire and screen strung up by weathered and leaning  2×4’s. She was sad as she poured out the dirty dish water. She then noticed a piece of the 2×4 was coming apart from its post and the fence was about to fall over. She grabbed ahold of the board with frail arms and pulled it back toward her in hopes of reinserting the nails. The rotted post gave way and the fence came down on top of her. She was trapped under the screen mesh with no one around to hear her cries, “Help! Help!” came her weak little voice. She would surely die if no one came to lift the fence off of her. Tears streamed down her face as she realized her drunk husband was passed out and would never hear her. Then her fingers found a small rip in the screen. She tugged at the rip and to her amazement the screen tore fairly easily. As she tore her way out and got her self up off the dusty ground out of the wreckage of the fence she looked toward the setting sun. A great realization washed over her. She was empowered, she out of the prison. The grass before her waved in the breeze and for the first time in so many years she felt free. If this was a movie this is where the music would be rising to an exhilarating crescendo. I think I cried as I “watched” her.

9-13-05 Somehow this small basement apartment that I lived in led into the plane that I was taking. When I got on my plane I was looking for my seat number which was like 66A or something and when I got to the back of the plane there was a huge open area with tables and chairs set up like a restaurant. The back end of the plane was a huge picture window and I sat at my table and watched the earth below out of the window. As with any normal flight I sat with complete strangers. I remember the captain was talking non-stop and I was amazed at how an airplane pilot could know so much about flying and they still have to be good talkers. The guy to my right (Who might have been a friend?) asked if I could get him an orange or a glass of orange juice. I was being nice and so I decided to get it for him. I knew right where to get it in my apartment. I went through a door and I was back on the ground in my apartment. All the sudden panic washed over me-how was I going to get back on my plane? I felt stupid like I just forfeited my plane trip!

9-16-05 I was at work like 10 minutes before 10 (closing) and this old guy came in and wanted me to bind like 50 books. I was telling him there was no way. He was raging pissed off at me.

I was here at Amos’ house but it was a bit different. It was kind of set up like an older house with plants everywhere and I sat down to watch TV. The remote was this huge thing that had a video camera that attached to the side. That cat that we kept outside was outside, but I found another black and white cat in the living room eating cat food out of a dish. I was annoyed.

I was trying to explain this part of the hotel that I worked at to an older couple. I told them about the stairway that let to the kitchen.

9-17-05 Even though I knew they were already married, Wes and Rebecca were having another wedding for some reason. It was at this sort of fancy hotel I think by the beach. The ceremony was just about to start and I realized I forgot my camera. I decided to run back to my room. I ran all around the place, panicking. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t find my room. I was pissed off. Then I saw Peggy Shonts and some other people headed to the ceremony.  I was running as fast as I could and circled both stories of the building. I think I saw mom and she tried to help me remember where it was. Then when it was too late I realized there were two identical two story buildings to the hotel and I was in the wrong one.

9-18-05 Somehow I got on Blackhouse’s mailing list and I got his news letter. But then he turned into Iggy Pop. There were three Blackhouse CDs listed for sale in the front written in Iggy’s sloppy childish handwriting. He was telling me I was the only one on his mailing list.

9-19-05 I watched this film about the crucifixion that some artsy people made. It was mostly black and white and very graphic, even more so than the Passion. All the guys being crucified were naked and you could see their privates. All the guys were pretty rough and not the good looking type like Jim Cavezel. Their crosses were being dragged around by chains with the guys on them. I’m not sure which was Jesus. Then it showed a close up of the flesh being torn off his face. His head was basically a skull and this part was in color. The bone part was a pale yellow and looked more like rubber. It was like they did a bad job of making a skull, it was misshaped and almost cartoon looking.

9-21-05 I don’t know why, but I was hanging out with Karl Kline and Geraldo Pazar (a customer we have at Copy Copy) We figured out how to float on and ride a big balloon. The three of us got on this balloon and we were headed to some game (Broncos or Avalanche?) We were at my home in Craig and we floated the thing down to the park by our house (only it was like we had floated an extremely long distance) We were headed to Australia but it was only like a state or so away. We decided to touch down at the top of this hill (it was like a hill in the desert here in Junction, yet it was only the top of that hill at the park in Craig) I think Karl was going to get lunch and Geraldo had to pee. They got off and I was floating toward the fence of the tennis courts. The damn thing started losing air real fast. I was like “Oh no!” Then as it petered out I sort of fell off on my side. Then Geraldo thought it would be funny to pee on me. He had this thick clear stream of pee and he was like 30 yards away and just started drenching me. I was like “Sick! NO NO NO. Knock it off!” I got so pissed off at him, I had this notebook we were all using for something. I tore all my stuff out of it and basically told him to shove it and I marched off.

9-25-05 I was at work, and I remembered how when I first started, Brittany Richards and Stephanie Mallory worked there answering phones when I first started. Then I was with my family on the couch in our trailor house only it was a different family. I had a sister and her and I were comfortable just sitting there in our underwear watching TV with our parents.

10-11-05 My drum set finally came in but it got here while I was at work. When I got home Derrel was in the garage (only the garage was a lot bigger than it really is) and he already opened them and was drumming on them. I was like “Derrel, dude, let me play my drums” or something.

10-13-05 I was with someone I can’t remember and we were sneaking around in this mansion that was up in the hills somewhere. Then the owners came home and we had to find a way to sneak out.

I looked over into Lawrence’s room and it was really huge and he somehow put his bed away so his floor was really huge and open and his desk took up no space. I was like…cool, I like it.

For some reason we were involved with this group of kindergarden/1st grade kids. Lawrence and I were invited to come in and watch them during drawing time. They were all in a circle drawing and then Lawrence started saying something to me. He had a slightly crazed but very serious tone “No one’s going to know that were going to do this, but we’re going to start keeping our Snapple lids and recycling them…we’ll do that for a while and then we’ll start GOING for them!” He was so intense on this idea I started laughing at him. I was laughing REALLY hard. Then it turned out that it was SteveO that I was with, not Lawrence. There was a kitchen area at the south of the room. Steven asked one of the teachers if they wanted tea and he said yes. So SteveO went in the kitchen and found everything he needed to make tea. I couldn’t believe he was going to make it from scratch. I about offered him to give him my sugar tea but remembered that was at home.

10-14-05 I was on a plane I think with SteveO. We were in the front area and there was this artist lady who was standing up and drawing all the passengers behind her. The plane was a lot more spacious than a real plane.Then a stewardess told us we could sit anywhere we wanted. So we found these seats that were on a cross isle with no seats in front of them and we were eating pizza. We noticed we ended up by a friend of ours.

10-21-05 I lived in like Denver or something and there was a CopyCopy in one of the huge malls that I worked at. I think I remember trying to drive there and having quite a time in the traffic. I was following someone and we were being cut off by people and cutting people off. Then I was still trying to get there but a part of my normal rout was being worked on and so I had to drive on some train tracks for a bit. After we got where we were going Heather (new Heather that I know-don’t know her last name) was telling us that people were flipping me off, honking and yelling. I was totally unaware and figured my music was on too loud for me to hear. Finally I got to the mall but I was a t a different end than usual. So when I got in I couldn’t find CopyCopy. I was so late and I eventually found it.

I lived in the apartment with Lawrence. We both just chillin’ watching some stupid movie on TV. Then he decided to go to bed. I was kind of bummed cause I wanted to do something. Then there were a couple of our friends over one person who I think was a guy was like in my peripheral, I can’t even remember what he looked like. The other was this cute girl. We were just watching TV and there was some alcohol on the table and Lawrence was back in the room. I remember thinking the girl had homework and stuff to do so she was probably not going to drink. But sometime during the movie (I was so into it that I didn’t even notice) she had been drinking the red wine. I only noticed when she started spilling some on herself. Then she started getting sick. She went into Lawrence’s room where the bathroom was and we heard her throw up. But she was OK and came right back out.

10-23-05 I was out shopping I think with Mom, Dad and Wes. In the store I remember seeing two really little kids on their mom’s buggies. They were super cute little kids. I decided to buy some little pets. I got a cat, a lizard and one other thing but they were super small like the size of small lizards. I had them in a box and they started fighting. So I took one and put him on my head, then I kept the other two apart with my hand. The cat ended up biting the head off the lizard. Then Wes and Dad opened the doors of what they thought was our van but it was car that was the same color. Then they realized and found the van.

10-24-05 I was like some sort of housekeeper for this family that lived here at our house. The end of the street here was a cul-de-sac with no other houses and my bed was sort of out there on the side of the road. The peple had a lot of junk out n the yard. They had this little bitty yellowish orange dog. I was in a deep sleep out in my bed when I was woke up by  my cell phone. The woman was calling to tell me the little dog got out and I need to get him back in the yard. The sun was just coming up and I was annoyed that I was getting up earlier than I had to. I found the dog and he jumped up on my bed. I thought, cool, he’ll just sleep up on my bed with me until I get up. But then he jump back down and ran off. I chased him around and got him back in the yard but he would not stay. He kept running by me and jumping ridiculously high, so high than when he hit the ground he hurt himself. Finally I got ahold of him and spanked him, but he still seemed disobedient. I can’t remember if I finally go him to stay or not.

10-25-05 Five Face Down was playing for a big group of kids in an emptied pool, only it wasn’t concrete, it was just grass. It was still a little damp in the bottom. I don’t know if Josh Roberts was just a guest vocalist or if he had joined Five Face Down, but he was up there. They told everyone they were going to cover MxPx and then they played Heard That Sound. I was so jealous f them. Afterward Josh came over said What’s Up to me.

10-27-05 I was hanging out with Jake. We were walking down the street and as we came into this sort of turn out a car came cruising in (I think it was an El Camino) It was making a U in the road so it could park at the house across the street, but it came really close to Jake almost hitting him. I think they were Mexicans and they were trying to intimidate us. They got out of the car and left it on with their rap music still playing. Jake and I were pissed at them but I figured we’d just keep on walking. Jake walked over to the car and turned it off and took the keys out (Somehow he turned it so the stereo kept playing though) I thought he was going to steal the keys or something but he put them behind the back tire. Then I followed him up to the front door. (I started thinking he was going to confront them and get into a fight) We just walked into the house where we saw a Mexican girl sitting on a recliner. She must of thought we were the Mexican guy’s friends because she just started talking to us. Then the guys (I think just one guy now) came out of a bedroom and when he saw us talking to her, he must of thought we knew her because he just nodded his head and headed out the door. That’s all I remember….

10-28-05 I was hanging out with Brendan Harper in the Harper’s house on Baker. It seemed liked we did a bunch of stuff I can’t remember. At one point he sort of walked over to the couch I was on and I was baffled that he was walking. I told him about my friend Traci who also had Cerebral Palsey who walked with only one crutch. I think he got a phone call and started talking to someone and it lasted for a long time so I told him bye. When I woke up I remembered that Brendan is dead…

10-29-05 This girl and I were taking a bunch of 3 year olds trick or treating. They were all excited to go but as we went out the front door one little girl tripped and fell. We took all this time making sure she was OK and then we decided not to go…

We (I think Mom, Dad & Wes and I?) were in Denver and we were going to a Bronco game. For some reason we couldn’t/didn’t get into the stadium but we were at a house across the street. I was sitting on the couch all suited up. I was a Denver Bronco. I went out the front door and stepped up on some railing and started stretching. My uniform, as well as all the Broncos that day, were the old uniforms. From where I was I could look through a big opening in the stadium. I remember thinking how amazing it was to be at Mile High and be suited up as a Denver Bronco.

3-21-06 I was on this beach walking along a boardwalk. The water was a very beautiful blue. It seems like I was playing with an action figure batman or something. I felt a lillte childish. I think Wes was there and I commented to him how cool the water looked. As if knowing more about it than me he said “That’s fake blue cloring that they put in to make it look like that, see?” he pointed out further to where the water was a typical sea green. Then I was in this restaraunt and it was like it was the beginning of the school year for college. The restaraunt had tears where the tables sat. I was walking up one when I saw Matt Morse eating with some of his friends.

6-17-06 I was riding in this RV with friends down some highway at night. There was something they were doing with the waste hose. I remember looking up in the sky and seeing the Seattle Space Needle (just the top) really huge and hovering like a space ship.

7-30-06 I think it was Lawrence, SteveO and I- I think we were in a house or something near the river on the high bank and we found a door that took us down to the river level. There was this little barge that we were excited to find. We pushed ourselves out into this thin little part of the river and noticed the water was extremely low even thought the little barge seemed to move along fine. It was really winding and soon we noticed there wasn’t even water, just dry river bed. We finally pushed out somewhere a ways down the river.

8-12-06 I think I was taking some people on a tour of Craig and we drove up to Jeremiah Way. The steepness of it kind of scared everyone. As we went down it turned into a mountain pass. There was construction or something and so we had to stop and wait….

8-13-06 In the first part of my dream I approached Paul Watson to try to get the $300 the church owes me for the Eliches trip. He was making all kinds of excuses about not getting it to me and so I told him I would just keep my tithes until they added up to the $300.

Then I was with a group of people (it seems like Shane Knutson, Benson as well as Josh Christianson were there) we were in some sort of garage with a lot of cars were parked. One of the cars was a junker being worked on with the hood open. Some of the guys in our group were taking parts from that car and putting them into all the other nice cars. Then we heard someone coming and we all hid. My hiding spot wasn’t any good. I can’t remember if we actually got caught. Then later (maybe still in that garage?) I had this long conversation with Josh. It was really weird and akward.

8-15-06 It was like the last day of George W’s presidency and I was going up the stairs into Airforce One. First I saw Bill Clinton coming out and shook his hand and said “mr. Clinton,” then I saw George Bush and I remember getting a good firm hand shake and saying “Thank you Mr. President,”. Someone was down talking him just after that saying they wouldn’t shake his hand. I think maybe Hilary was there and she was saying George W was ugly. I said looks didn’t have anything to do with it…

9-10-06 I was going to start a game of paintball with Wes and some other guys. We met behind a Safeway or something where there was a big dirt field. I thought that would be a cool area but then Wes was like “Actually if we go up this hill there’s a better place.” So climbed this pretty steep hill into the woods back there. As we hiked it got cold and we came out into the open and it was a snowy area kind of by a road. I was kind of thinking “Shoot, I need to put a coat on, this is really going to hurt,” Then somebody fired so I began to fire. Then I looked down and realized my hopper wasn’t on. I ran back to go get my hopper and some balls.

8-10-08 (8-9-08) I was at some rocky cliffs like at Lake Powell except it seemed like there were more trees and possibly a neighborhood around. I was holding a Subway sandwhich in a bag  in my left hand and a claw hammer in my right  hand. I ran up some rocks to a familiar point where I was going to jump about 30 ft into the water after I ate. I passed my spot and went a little down into some cavernous kind of rocks and was surprised that some people were there. I guess I had planned to carve JA + AG on the rocks with the hammer. But seeing the people I decided not to. I sat on a rock that had sort of a table rock in front of it and ate my sandwich.

(8-10-08) I was playing at some sort of indoor water park. There was the cool multi-level thing. You started at the top floating or something toward a water fall that brought you down to the next level. Each level had different features to play on. At the bottom you were dumped into the main pool. There were all kind of cushioned things and rolling things to play on.


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