The PARADOXIUM (1993, 94 or 95?)

I knew Samus and I was familiar with her explorations for the Metroid larva. Samus is retired now and her equipment obsolete. She completed her task and the energy from the Metroid is being widely used. But its power is running lower all the time. That is why I, JAXUS, was sent to explore the universe for more energy.

Beings throughout the universe all agreed that  Praxton3 would be the most abundant in energy if only they could get to it.

It was a good thing I had modern equipment because the upper atmosphere on Praxton3 was lethal. It would have been nice to explore the roughly 2 times as large as Earth planet in my ship. If only I had known of the Graunchtoid beast that ate half my ship before being electrocuted by my only power supply.

I had this huge planet to single handedly explore for energy – on foot.

“Well, I can’t say that my robotic armor didn’t help.”

The continent I had landed on was called Norameethus. The place was known for its quicksand pits that had taken many lives.

But I always remember the country Qubaclaria in Norameethus because that’s where I met Aravis…

I was searching through a dense forest of Clanth trees. I heard a scream. I ran to where it was and saw a girl up to her neck in quicksand. I quickly pulled her out.

“Who are you?” she said catching her breath.

“Uh, sorry,” I said taking off my helmet. “My name’s Jaxus from the planet Valstourias – who’re you?”

“My name’s Aravis, I’m from the city Vastron,”

“What are you doing out here?”

“I’m, I’m running from the Gradians, they’ve taken my father and they’re holding him hostage at the center of Praxton3!” She explained as she dusted the sand off her skirt.

“What, is your father the king or something?”

“Yes, of Qubaclaria,” she said a little dismayed. Then I noticed the small crown in her white blonde hair.

“I should have known, you’re beautiful enough to be a princess!” I commented trying to excuse myself. I looked down and noticed she was wearing bright white tennis shoes. “I didn’t know princesses wore tennis shoes.”

She dusted the sand off her top (which was nothing more than a sport-bra) “Well anyone will wear sneakers when running from Gradians.”

“If you wore socks you could probably run faster,” I suggested.

“Listen, unless you’re going to help me out with all that robotic equipment, then scram!”

“I tell ya what, I’ll help you get your father back and you can help me find this planet’s energy source, besides, why wouldn’t I help the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen?”

“Ya know, you might be kinda cute yourself if only you’d take off that stuff.”

“I can’t, I mean, I shouldn’t becau-”

“Why not, I don’t have armor on,”

“The beings on this planet know of the “The Warrior from Valstourias” and the minute I take this stuff off they’ll attack me!”

“Are you a Christian?”

“Of course I am! Everyone on Valstourious is a Christian!”

“Then you shouldn’t worry about dying!”

“I still have the rest of my life to serve God in a way that can’t be done in heaven.” Suddenly a giant Burlion jumped out of the Clanth trees and struck me with a paralyzing ray on my uncovered head. I lay there motionless as it aimed at Aravis. I tried to yell “NO!” but the words would not come.

Then, right before my eyes, a colorful beam came from Aravis’ eyes and blasted the creature into oblivion.

My paralysis wore off and I mumbled “Explain that!”

“I’m originally from the planet Zora. By coming to Praxton3 special powers were released,” She tried to help me up, but with my suit I was too heavy.


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