The Suicide Friends


Coming  from a small quiet town Aaron’s life and paradigm are changed when he moves to the city.  He quickly makes more friends than he’s ever had but these friends are shallow and he never finds any really close friends. One day he stumbles on a situation where a girl, Emma is trying to commit suicide. He offers his friendship and the Gospel in exchange for the suicide attempt which in turn leads her to happy and hopeful outlook. Later she is put in the same situation with her friend Sara who tries to overdose on pills. Emma and Aaron see that maybe this is their calling and begin to look for suicidal people. After finding and helping four more people, Emma and Sara begin to realize that the people they helped, having a suicide attempt a commonality, are their very closest friends. Aaron begins to lose common ground with them all and eventually moves back to his small town. He discovers he cannot seem to develop close friendships and attempts to jump off a bridge. Then in the distance he sees Katelyn, someone he left because she was too “small town” and realizes how stupid he was to leave her.


What do you think??

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