Untitled Karate Kids story 3-25-94


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 4.27.13 PM.png

Suddenly, shattering the silence, a giant full sized Chevy truck blasted through the wall of John, Daniel and Ricky’s bedroom waking them up.

“What the-?” Ricky yelled diving for cover. Once the Chevy settled itself in the middle of their room, the engine was cut off and the headlights went off. An older black man jumped out of the truck which had tires the heighth of a regular truck.

The man seemed to be in a hurry, “Daniel, John, Ricky?” he asked. “It’s me, George.”

“George?! It’s midnight for goodness sake!” John spoke for the three.

“These guys are after me for the truck, I want you guys to take [it] and get the heck outta here!” George took off running down the street. Out of nowhere, a black sedan came down the street. Some guys inside shot bullets all over the place and killed George.

“No!” John saw what happened.

“Get in guys!” Daniel jumped into the driver’s seat and started the truck. He was backing out when John and Ricky climbed in. The guys in the sedan were shooting up the truck. The three noticed the bullets were not penetrating the truck. Daniel had the truck floored as he pulled sharply into an alley.

“No! It’s a dead end!” Ricky shouted. Daniel whipped the truck around so he was facing the car. The headlights about blinded him.

“Here we go guys!” Daniel gassed it and ran over the car. Near by neighbors turned on their lights. About ten feet behind the car, Daniel stopped. The three got out and snuck up on the totally wrecked sedan which sat silently in the middle of the alley now.

They looked inside and saw all the guys dead.

“Come on, let’s go home and call the police,” Ricky went to the truck and got into the driver’s seat.

“This is a powerful truck!” commented John as they parked in the driveway. The three were shocked at the abrupt happenings.

The three went into their house that they had lived in by themselves for most of their lives.

“Ricky called the police remembering that a similar incident had got their parents killed. They were all shaking horribly. Before Ricky could finish the phone call a car parked in their front lawn. Nine men got out and entered the house.

“Hey, I gotta go!” Ricky hung up the phone.

“We want your truck and we’ll leave you alone!” All nine were very large men. Ricky, John and Daniel could care less about the truck but they were going to protect it for George, a good friend.

“I’m sorry, we can’t let you have it!” Daniel stepped forward.

“Oh yeah? Well we’ll just have to change your mind


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