Untitled story about Daniel 1992

Rough Draft

“My hair is a mess!” cried Daniel as he brushed his light brown hair. Daniel’s voice crackled and then he put on some deodorant and then he put his new jean jacket on. He had just woke up at the motel he spent the night at in Denver Colorado. (Motel in I Denver 1992) He packed what little he had, go in his truck and left to go get something to eat. Driving down the road he passes a friend of his, Ricky. He waves and pulls into a local McDonalds. The aroma of hotcakes fills the air. As he walks to the door he bumps into a short guy with glasses and long hair. The short guy feels nothing but solid muscle. He goes in hungrily.

Final Draft

“Boy am I hungry!” cried Daniel as he woke up at the “Motel 6” he had spent the night in.

“I’ve gotta get dressed and get some food!” After Daniel was dressed he got into his “75” Chevy and drove to a local McDonalds. On his way to the door he bumped into a short blond guy with glasses. The short guy felt nothing but solid muscle. Daniel proceeded in.

“Give me three hotcakes and two milks.”

“That’ll be $1.59, sir,” replied the cashier. The aroma of hotcakes filled the air. When Daniel was done, he went to a gas station to fuel up. He was paying when suddenly,

“Give me all your money!” a robber shouted then pointed a gun at Daniel and said “Get down on the floor!” Daniel did as he said.

“Now, you’ve got five chances to open the safe!” shouted the burglar to the man at the counter. Daniel snuck over to the burglar and tackled him.

“Thank goodness for being in football!” he commented. The man fell to the floor and Daniel pulled his mask off.

“Hey, I know you,” Daniel was looking into the face of the short guy. It did seem like he was in a hurry at McDonalds. When Daniel had tackled him he dropped the gun. The gun smelled like it had been fired recently. Daniel picked up the short guy and the man at the counter called 911. After the police had taken the man, they thanked Daniel and Daniel was on the news. Unfortunately the short guy was part of a conspiracy and some of the guys involved saw the news. The men hunted Daniel down. When they finally found Daniel, he was sleeping.

“Hey, who are you and what are you doing?!” The men said nothing and brought Daniel to a place he had never seen before, well he couldn’t see much anyway because it was dark. He could tell he was in some sort of dungeon chained to a wall. He stayed there for hours, he got hungry and there was nothing to eat. Daniel figured that the men were angry at him and were going to let him starve to death. More hours passed and these hours turned into day. The hunger pains were unbearable. But Daniel’s urge to survive kept him going.

Finally one day, about seven days later, the entrance to the dungeon lit up and Daniel saw a figure, then two, then three figures. At first he thought they were the men but he recognized the Denver Police badges on their shirts. They freed Daniel and put him in a police car. On the way back to Denver a police officer explained  what the men were up to. Daniel had survived seven days without food.

The next day, Daniel went to McDonalds and got ten hotcakes.



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