Dream 11-24-08

Wes and I were doing something in this river, like maybe looking for something. It seems like we were fully dressed in regular summer clothes. The river was flowing out of a cave and we were in the end part of the cave which had a high ceiling and we were sort of in and out into the sunny day. I remember I climbed a little way a tree or log but my feet were still in the water. There were huge rocks through out. I said to Wes “Look! Lizards!” They were in the stream like they were going with it. Several ran up my leg and fell back into the water. I tried to grab a couple. Then Wes and I went further into the cave and watched as the river flowed in (yeah I guess it switched direction). We heard a repetitive beeping sound and then saw something boxlike floating toward us. We realized it was an old stereo with a built-in alarm clock that was stuck on. I snatched it out of the water as it came by me and set it on the rock next to me. It was like an 80’s era, silver stereo with a dual cassette player and maybe a record player on top? There was also some other type of obsolete player I had never seen before and I think I knew it was a type of player that had failed in the market. I also seemed to know there was a hotel pr something up stream that I thought this had come from. When I woke up it was about 10 minutes before my real alarm clock went off.


What do you think??

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