Dreams 4-9-95 to 4-15-95

4-9-95 I dreamt last night that me, Wes and Aric were drawing on top of the shed with crayons. It was night. The shed was on the post that marks the north border of me & Wes’ area. We didn’t have the back porch.  Mom was looking out through the kitchen window. She was yelling because we were late for supper. When we came inside, Aric was gone and we went into the new room. I think mom was asleep.  Then fire came out of the first joint in the chiminy. Flames caught on our newspaper stack and some other things.  I ran as fast as I could into my room and got my squirt bottle. I ran into the kitchen and filled it up then ran back in there and squirted the fire. …… Then I was in the New Room still, but there was no fire or anything. Dad was sitting in Mom’s chair. I was sitting on the south end of the coffee table looking at Dad’s Sunday School book.  “Did you read that?” he asked. “No” I said. Then Dad asked “Where are you guys at in your Sunday School books?” I don’t remember what I said. “So tell me about it” he said. Then that’s all I remember. [somewhere in there I remember tearing up my ski pants]

The End

4-11-95 Last night I dreamt I was in a mall somewhere. This woman collapsed and she was dead. So some people from my grade got a basket and we sat around the woman and collected money in the basket as if we were going to help her somehow. I remember getting quite a bit of money and that’s all.

The End

4-12-95 I dreamt last night that somehow I was on the moon. It was night but I could still  see that things weren’t any different than Earth: there were trees and bushes. In front of me came a jeep buggy thing. I didn’t see very much. There was a wall about 7 feet tall and 20 yards away. The buggy stopped and some soldiers got out. They were dressed in white and they had what I thought were night vision goggles on. They pointed their flashlights at us (Me & Wes) So I pointed my black pen at them (In all seriousness) Then all the sudden the soldiers were laying on the ground unconscious. I think me and Wes knocked them out. We took their flashlights from them and climbed over the wall. There were aliens back there and we figured out that the flashlights killed the aliens. Then to our left (there was a trail parallel to the wall and was blocked in by trees) down the trail we saw Aric and Wynter hugging. Then we saw an alien coming toward them. We both shined our flashlights at it, killing it. Then we were in this hallway with doors on the ends. I think it was an area where flashlights couldn’t kill the aliens. Then we saw this white alien with yellow eyes. Its body was a little bigger than a dog’s  but about 3 feet off the ground, it’s neck made it as tall as me. It had lines(?) of fur on it. It’s body looked sort of like a bear’s. It’s head did too but it’s ears were bigger. The thing just stood there and didn’t move. We felt like we had to kill it. Wes said “You have an advantage, you’re taller than they are”. I reached out and grabbed it’s neck and started pushing and pulling. The thing was heavy . (Oh yeh, it stunk too) It felt like solid rubber that was soaked with water. Wes started helping and we gradually got it swaying more & more. Finally it fell to the ground with a thud.


4-13-95 It seems like I dreamt more last night, but it always does. I was getting out of the truck in front of the 5th & 6th building. Mr Mortensen pulled up in front of me in the Driver’s Ed car. I was going to get in and drive.


4-15-95 I can’t remember the order, but I dreamt last night that Chris Craig was in our bathroom on the pot. I was in my room in my T-Shirt and boxers. I turned around and it was morning and Jennifer Rubideaux was standing there and Andrea Darveau was in the hall.  …. Then it was midnight and I went down to the garage. Mr. Mortensen was taking me and Chris Peirce out driving. The car was in our garage though. Then we were driving by a lake (still midnight) and I saw some people down there.  …… Then I was bungee jumping where my head was dipping in the water. ….. Then it was day and there was snow.  There was a party going on. Everyone had alcohol. Me, Wes and Aric were sliding on the snow through the crowd. ……. I dreamt I had a Colorado Rockies wind breaker to go with my ski pants.



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